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Time Warner would give control of the TV UI to Apple but wants to keep ‘customer relationship’

Will Apple fans buy a device that doesn't have the Apple logo plastered everywhere? That's the question being considered in Cupertino and elsewhere amid a report media giant Time Warner Cable may give Apple control of a TV user interface -- with a catch. Time Warner wants to retain the "customer relationship," not Apple.

Time Warner Cable is "hard at work at a cloud-based guide experience," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The cable giant wants the new interface on the iPad and iPhone. However, speaking to investors Wednesday, president and COO Rob Marcus said Time Warner is not willing to give up the customer experience...

Bloomberg says no new Apple TV products in 2012

Despite the lack of evidence, some pundits still maintain that an Apple television set is coming. In fact, just last month analyst Peter Misek told investors that an Apple HDTV was already in production.

There's also been some recent chatter that the company's working with cable companies on a set-top box. But according to a new report, we won't be seeing any new TV products from Apple this year...

Viacom and Time Warner Cable settle dispute over iPad streaming rights

Media giant Viacom and cable telecommunications company Time Warner Cable have finally resolved a legal dispute concerning streaming of Viacom content through Time Warner Cable's iPad app. As a result, Time Warner Cable subscribers will soon be able to enjoy their daily fixture of Viacom shows such as The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Jersey Shore on their iPads.

Remember, a year ago Viacom filed a suit in Federal District Court in Manhattan to prevent Time Warner Cable from streaming its content through their iPad app, claiming the cable company did not have legal rights to stream shows via its own app.

Viacom's  similar lawsuit against the Cablevision Systems Corporation and its iPad app is still pending, though...

Time Warner Cable CEO: “I’m not sure I know what AirPlay is”

This one made rounds on the web today. Apparently, head of Time Warner Cable is totally oblivious to the existence of AirPlay, a technology from Apple that beams photos, music and videos from iOS devices to your television through an Apple TV set-top box.

He also called the Apple TV a little hockey puck (we heard that one before) and expressed his dislike for set-top boxes per se due to the complexities they bring to the living room experience (hard to argue against that)...