Apple sues Swatch over “Tick Different” slogan

Apple has filed a complaint against Swatch in a Swiss court after the watch maker has used the slogan “Tick different” to promote its Bellamy quartz wristwatch with built-in NFC Visa payment technology. Apple argues that Swatch is unfairly using a grammatically incorrect slogan that bears too many similarities to its “Think Different” ad campaign.

Watson explains that Apple must prove that Swatch's slogan prompts an association with Apple products in the minds of at least 50 percent of consumers.

Swatch attempts to justify ‘One more thing’ trademark with a silly explanation

Swatch would have you think that its controversial “One more thing” trademark has nothing to do with Apple. A company spokesperson told Techradar today that its trademark for the “One more thing” phrase was inspired by a line from the TV show “Columbo,” an explanation people following technology news will have a hard time believing.

Swiss watchmaker Swatch became the subject of the Internet ridicule following news that it was recently granted a trademark on “One more thing,” a catch phrase late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs used extensively when introducing new surprise products during Apple’s media events.

Watchmaker Swatch trademarks ‘One more thing’

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has managed to trademark “One more thing,” a catch phrase late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs made famous around the world by using it extensively when introducing new surprise products during Apple's media events.

As discovered by Wirtschaft, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the trademark to Swatch back in May following its original application in November of last year. It's scheduled to expire in 2024 though an opposition to the trademark is reportedly pending.

Swatch changes tune, takes on Apple Watch with own smartwatch featuring mobile payments

Now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has at last confirmed that the Apple Watch goes on sale in April, traditional watch makers and companies like Pebble are starting to show their cards.

Pebble, for instance, recently confirmed plans for new wearable products in 2015. So did Tag Heuer, having confirmed building a smartwatch of its own.

And now Bloomberg is reporting that Swatch will start selling a smartwatch within two to three months. It'll integrate with Windows and Android, but not with iOS, support mobile payments and communicate via the Internet “without having to be charged.”