Squaretrade: iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever

Despite Apple’s claims that the iPhone X is built with glass among the most durable ever used in mobile devices, numerous drop tests have confirmed that glass, as it has always had a habit of doing, still breaks relatively easily. In a recent informational video/advertisement, Squaretrade claims that the iPhone X is the most breakable phone Apple has ever produced.

Torture tests expectedly find iPhone SE less durable than iPhone 6s

Extended warranty provider SquareTrade has put the new iPhone SE through its paces in terms of durability. After pitting the device against the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models in bend, drop and water tests, the firm has found the iPhone SE to be less durable than the iPhone 6s series, made from a strengthened aluminum alloy.

“While it holds its own against the much bigger iPhone 6s Plus, the new iPhone SE still has some growing up to do before it can compete with the durable iPhone 6s,” concluded SquareTrade. A video of the tests shows the four-inch iPhone SE being submerged in water, dropped on its corner and bending under pressure.

Watch out for the iPhone ‘danger zones’

I've been a proud iPhone owner over the past six years, ever since the original iPhone debuted in June of 2007. I happen to pride myself with keeping my devices in pristine condition so I go the extra mile to handle my iPhone with care.

For instance, I typically lay it flat on the table on top of a napkin. And only a rare few people get to ever touch my device to play with it. And yeah, I do remove everything from my pocket before slipping an iPhone inside. It's suffice to say I'm overzealous about handling my baby.

But six years is six years and something had to give. A month ago, it just treacherously slipped out of my hand and fell on the concrete floor, its front glass smashing in an instant. Some of you could tell a similar story, I'm sure. But where are such accidents most likely to occur? Third-party warranty company SquareTrade has issued a report outlining so-called iPhone 'danger zones'...