Sergey Brin

Google’s Page and Brin think Apple is doing too few products

Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs used to offer a nice word of advice to Google co-founder and boss Larry Page. "You guys are doing too much stuff," he'd tell Page.

Today, Page thinks Google's multi-pronged approach to product development is paying off big time as the search monster now has its tentacles in a number of lucrative businesses. Contrast Google's approach to Apple, which only does a few things at the time.

This is part of Apple's DNA, but Page is unimpressed.

He didn't heed his mentor's advice and think Apple's laser-sharp focus on things that matter the most is limiting its ability to compete. “It sounds stupid if you have this big company and you can only do, like, five things,” Page said during a fireside chat with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla...

Skyhook says Google bad-mouthed its Wi-Fi location tech to Apple

It's nearly unthinkable: a technology firm bad-talking a rival to a prospective customer. That's the heart of the latest claim by a location services company suing Internet giant Google for alleged patent infringement.

Skyhook Wireless is asking a court to compel Google to turn over documents showing co-founder Sergey Brin spoke badly of SkyHook's GPS location technology. As part of a recent court filing, Skyhook charges Brin told Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that the iPhone maker could do better if it went with Google...

iMac user Sergey Brin “always admired Apple’s products”, I call BS

A recent newspaper interview has caused quite a stir when the blogosphere lit up yesterday with controversial observations from the mouth of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. In a nutshell, Brin painted Apple and Facebook as major threats to Internet freedom because neither company's been open enough, at least in the search giant's view.

This from a guy whose company's been seriously lacking openness in many competitive categories. Naturally, a backlash ensued, prompting the engineer to set the record straight and clarify what he called "distorted secondary coverage".

No, he did not mean what he said and yes, in case you were wondering, he is loving his iMac. I call BS on this one, here's why...

Google’s Brin says Apple is “balkanizing the web”

Unless I and pretty much every other journalist out there extrapolated the original report, it appears that Google co-founder Sergey Brin has called out Apple and Facebook for running closed platforms that, in his mind, are "balkanizing the web".

Why? Because apps, media and other content served within these ecosystems is not crawlable by the almighty Google search engine. And even though Google's built an empire on other people's content, Google's co-founder calls the latest trends "scary".

Don't laugh, Brin actually realized a pattern his role model Steve Jobs laid out two years ago...