Real Racing 3

EA teases Real Racing 3 Porsche 911 update

Electronic Arts is set to give its free-to-play iOS/Android racer, Real Racing 3, another notable content update. The forthcoming Porsche 911 update is now on the horizon and challenges you to expand your lineup of cars with seven generations of the Porsche 911.

By the way, the car maker is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary 911. The Porsche update is being teased less than three weeks after the most recent content pack enabled a bunch of classic American muscle cars (the Mercedes-Benz and Bentley vehicles came via July’s update)…

New Real Racing 3 update brings classic American muscle cars

One of the key reasons I used to burn midnight oil quite a lot playing Driver on the original PlayStation – apart from the locations (Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York) and the awesome controls coupled to realistic physics – is the vehicle lineup, the sort of cars you see smashed in the 1960-1970s car chase and cop movies.

To fans of such legendary cars as the Dodge, Shelby and other big V8 muscle cars: Electronic Arts’s latest content update to free-to-play Real Racing 3 is a no-brainer.

That’s right, you can now own classic Detroit metal in this Real Racing 3 update, as well as race friends on a bunch of new tracks, appreciate physics enhancements, better camera angles and lots more…

Real Racing 3 Prestige update adds Mercedes-Benz and Bentley vehicles, more

Developer Firemonkeys and publisher Electronic Arts thus far issued two major content updates to Real Racing 3, enriching the experience by adding hundreds of new events along with an assortment of new vehicles.

Today, the dynamic duo released a third tentatively named ‘Prestige’ update along the same lines. If you’re a fan of high-speed racing games, the Prestige update should make you happy.

The content pack features some high speed cars from Mercedes-Benz and Bentley, more than 180 new events, twilight racing and the highly requested Time Trial mode. I’ve included more information and a video after the break…

Major ‘Dubai’ update released for Real Racing 3

Good news this afternoon for Real Racing fans. Electronic Arts has released the massive ‘Dubai’ update we told you about earlier this week, and it is now available in the App Store. The update features everything you’d expect from a franchise racer, including new car-makers, new car models, and new tracks…

Real Racing 3 Dubai update coming soon

Electronic Arts’ free-to-play Real Racing 3, which debuted on the App Store three months ago, last month received its first major update that has brought out such improvements as cloud saves across devices, an all-new Hunter game mode, the addition of the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and Camaro ZL1 vehicles and over a hundred new events.

The super publisher is now readying a second update that will feature twilight racing at the Dubai Autodrome, new cars and – you guessed right – more events. Your trailer is right after the break…

Major Real Racing 3 update is out: cloud saves, new Chevy cars, 100+ events

As promised, super publisher Electronic Arts and developer Firemonkeys just rolled out a major update to the awesome free-to-play Real Racing 3, bringing out over a hundred new events and two Chevy vehicles. The one feature I’ve been waiting for is an improved game saving capability: in Real Racing 3 version 1.1, your progress is now saved and synced across all your devices via the cloud.

This finally lets me to kill a few minutes on my iPhone while standing in the line at a bank and then continue playing right where I left off on my iPad. More tidbits and some nice screenies right below the fold…

Real Racing 3 gaining cloud saves, Hunter game mode, new cars and 100+ events

If you’re a fan of free-to-play Real Racing 3 (which, by the way, looks absolutely stunning on the A6 and later devices, like the iPhone 5 and iPad 4), you’re in for a treat as Electronic Arts today announced an upcoming content update which will bring several new cars, a bunch of new challenges and events, a new game mode and cloud saves across all your devices.

As you can see from the above trailer for the Real Racing 3: Chevrolet Update, developer Firemonkeys is teasing at least two new cars, the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1. I’ve included more tidbits right after the break…

Real Racing 3 hands-on

EA surprised us and dropped the Firemonkeys developed Real Racing 3 a few weeks earlier than its scheduled release in some territories. We were fortunate enough to be able to go hands-on with the highly anticipated sequel to iOS’ darling racing game franchise.

While we’re just beginning to progress through the game, some things were readily apparent. Yes, Real Racing 3 is a so-called freemium game, and EA is hoping that you will open your wallets as you make speedy progress through the game. We also found that the “online” experience is heavily watered down. In fact, I’d hesitate to actually call it online at all, as it’s actually more of an asynchronous affair, which pits you against your friend’s “ghost” racers instead.

Although the freemium aspect and the lack of true realtime head-to-head play may disappoint, the game tries to make up for it with its stunning visuals. This is hands-down the best looking iOS game I’ve ever seen or played. It’s just an absolute visual overdose. The game looks wonderful on the iPad mini, and the iPhone 4, but to really appreciate its beauty, fire it up on a Retina enabled full-sized iPad. Trust me when I say this, you’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor.

Real Racing 3 will be free, coming February 28

Electronic Arts has a release date for Real Racing 3, the latest installment in its popular racing franchise. The game is scheduled for release on February 28 and will be offered for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets for free, a major shift in strategy for the super publisher which in 2011 alone raked in $1 billion in digital revenue.

In fact, developers say that Real Racing 3 was designed from the ground up to be a free to play experience. That right there is your undeniable proof that the freemium model is slowly but surely taking over from paid downloads…