It’s not just iPhone 5S: budget iPhone also could come in colors

If the latest chatter coming out of Apple’s Asian supply chain is to be trusted, Taiwanese contract electronics manufacturer Pegatron – which produces some Apple products alongside primary gadget builder Foxconn – has been commissioned to build a rumored less-pricey iPhone¬†that the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters¬†and other high-profile publications previously reported on as a done deal.

It’s been thought the device has a hybrid plastic/metal design, with the¬†polycarbonate part of its body being similar to what Apple used on the now discontinued white plastic MacBook. And now, latest reports add colors to the mix…

Barclays: budget iPhone and China Mobile-compatible iPhone 5S due in August

Per a rumor out of China, Apple won’t release a new iPhone at its upcoming summer developer conference. Instead, Tim Cook & Co. are thought to be¬†targeting¬†an August 2013 launch for both the iPhone 5S, a specs upgrade, and an inexpensive iPhone model, aimed at emerging markets that sell mostly unsubsidized handsets. And for the first time, the next iPhone will be Apple’s first truly world phone capable of supporting a bunch of flavors of fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology, including China Mobile-compatible TD-SCDMA network…

Pegatron grabs the majority of iPad orders for the next three years

Always keen on never putting all its eggs in one basket, Apple has been trying to mitigate risk by sourcing components from multiple suppliers. The same goes for product assembly. Though the firm traditionally outsources manufacturing to Foxconn, the world’s largest product assembler, Taipei, Taiwan-based Pegatron Technology has been rising increasingly as Apple’s other manufacturing partner. According to a report from an Asian trade publication, Pegatron will now get to build the majority of iPad orders for the next three years…

New report reaffirms next iPhone is already in production

A new report is out tonight, claiming that Pegatron, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in eastern China, has started production on the next-generation iPhone.

The timing makes sense, considering Apple is widely expected to unveil the smartphone sometime in the next few months ‚ÄĒ late September, early October…

Apple upping iPhone orders from Pegatron, iPad touch modules from Wintek

A pair of reports from Asian trade publication DigiTimes appeared this morning, asserting¬†Apple’s iPhone orders from contract manufacturer Pegatron are on the rise while the company is also looking to source more touch panel modules from Wintek in the following quarter.¬†According to the first story sourced from market watchers, “Apple continues to raise its iPhone orders to Pegatron as well as placing orders for new iPad”.

Pegatron, whose plants are up for inspection by the Fair Labor Association, reportedly found itself under fire over Asustek Zenbook orders, according to a story by Chinese-language Commercial Times (Google translation).

You may also recall that Pegatron is rumored to be keeping its fingers crossed to land manufacturing orders for the so-called iPad mini that the usually credible Wall Street Journal raved about.

Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5 Handsets For September Shipment

We’re now well overdue for a new iPhone announcement, which means we’re well into rumor territory, and the latest comes courtesy of long time rumor mongers and general guess-work merchants, DigiTimes.

The latest ‘news’ to come out of the site claims that Apple has placed an order for a massive 15 million iPhone 5 units from manufacturer, Pegatron.

Not only has Apple ordered the handsets, according to DigiTimes, but the site also claims they will be begin shipping the hardware this coming September…¬†