How to create a disk partition on Mac

If you've ever needed to add an extra partition to an external hard drive, then look no further! This guide goes through how to add a partition to an existing drive on macOS, using its built-in program, Disk Utility.

How to delete a partition on Mac

In an earlier tutorial, we showed you how to create a new partition on Mac. But what if, after testing, you wish to delete the partition and relinquish its space? In this video tutorial, we'll show you how easy it is to dissolve a partition using macOS' built-in Disk Utility.

How to install beta software on a separate partition

Itching to run the latest macOS beta, but don't want to upgrade your primary Mac installation with a beta release? You'd be wise to carefully consider the prospects of running a beta release as a daily driver. That said, it is possible to run beta software on your primary machine without compromising your current installation.

By creating a small test partition on your primary drive, you can create a great landing space for the beta. Read and watch our walkthrough to see how easy it is.