OS X 10.10

OS X Yosemite could be unveiled at WWDC on Monday

Apple is continuing to decorate the Moscone Center this afternoon ahead of next week's Worldwide Developers Conference. Earlier today we saw water-covered banners go up for iOS 8, and now we have an image of the inaugural OS X 10.10 banner.

As you can see in the image above, the sign consists of a large X in front of a mountainous background. It's believed this is actually the 'El Capitan' rock formation in Yosemite national park, which would suggest Apple is calling the 10.10 update 'Yosemite.'

Rumor: larger OS X 10.10 presence at WWDC as some iOS 8 features shift back to iOS 8.1

Reliable blogger Mark Gurman is stepping back from some of his earlier claims regarding rumored iOS 8 features like Healthbook and public transit in Maps.

Apparently, the blogger's sources have had a change of heart, now cautioning that some of the headline features planned for iOS 8.0 (code-named 'Okemo') could be moved to iOS 8.1.

As a result, Apple could place a larger emphasis on the next major release of its desktop operating system for Macs, code-named 'Syrah' after the wine.

It is speculated that the company's been allocating iOS user interface teams to OS X as Apple races to finalize a brand new OS X design in time for WWDC, which kicks off with a keynote on June 2...