Multi-Touch Gestures

‘LockGestures’ Adds Multitouch Gestures to Your Lockscreen

“Soon we’ll need a lockscreen for our lockscreen,” states a comment on our YouTube video for LockGestures. Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

LockGestures is a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone and/or iPad that takes the “lock” out of the lockscreen. It’s a tweak that adds a plethora of multi-touch gestures right on the area that used to be solely reserved for unlocking your device.

Now, you can do everything on the lockscreen — launch apps, adjust power options, even make a sandwich. Okay, so I’m just kidding about the sandwich part, but you get the idea. Check inside to see the full scope of LockGestures in high definition video glory…

How to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures on Your iPad

My iPad 2 is currently running iOS 5 Beta 2, and one of my favorite features is without a doubt the multi-touch gestures. These allow you to perform basics tasks such as flicking through apps, closing apps, or making the multitasking tray appear – all with simple gestures.

We’ve already seen how to enable multi-touch gestures on the iPhone, but with the recent iPad 2 jailbreak, many people have been asking me how to enable those gestures on the iPad. Turns out that’s it’s still the same old process, but I thought it’d be nice to revive this post for those that are new to jailbreaking…

Apple Wins Sweeping Patent on iPhone’s Multi-Touch User Interface

Apple has been awarded a patent filed in 2007 regarding the iPhone’s multi-touch user interface. As reported by PCMag, this patent is so broad that it could give Apple unprecedented ability to pressure other smartphone makers in the U.S.

This patent outlines the multi-touch technology Apple employs in iOS. Theoretically, this patent gives Apple the rights to almost all of the multi-touch gestures and interface designs that currently exist in other devices on the market.

iOS 5 Running On a 21-Inch Touchscreen

We’ve showed you tons of new features in iOS 5, but we’ve yet to show you what iOS 5 looks like on something slightly bigger than the iPad. Thanks to the iOS Simulator, you can now see what iOS 5 looks like on a 21-inch touchscreen display!

Is This What the iPhone 5 Will Look Like?

A new report from This is my next reveals some interesting rumors about the iPhone 5. According to Joshua Topolsky (the former editor-in-chief of Engadget), the iPhone 5 will in fact be a significant redesign of the current iPhone 4.

Topolsky doesn’t cite specific sources, but he claims that the iPhone 5 will have a design very similar to that of the fourth-generation iPod touch. Engadget originally said that the iPhone 5 would be a major evolution of the iPhone 4, and this report from This is my next corroborates that claim.

‘Multitasktures’ is a Jailbreak Tweak Alternative to iOS Multi-Touch Gestures

Are you still having issues using one of the previously covered methods of enabling multi-touch gestures on your iPhone running iOS 4.3.1?

If so, Multitasktures might very well be a compromise that you’re willing to make.

While it’s not technically using real multi-touch gestures to enable paging left or right between your apps, it does use Activator to achieve similar results….

‘MT Gestures’ is an Easy Way to Add Multi-Touch Gestures to iPhones Running iOS 4.3.1

Well perhaps I should have restated that. MT Gestures will (hopefully soon) be an easy way to add multi-touch gestures to your iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.1. That’s because the developer, although they tout iPhone 4 compatibility within Cydia alongside the iPod touch G4, has admitted that the iPhone 4 compatibility isn’t exactly working yet.

I can attest to this assertion, it isn’t working yet. But I will say that it has plenty of promise for those of you who shy away from manually editing .plist files in order to enable multi-touch gestures on your iPhone 4.

What is working, however, is the new iPad-esque mute switch assignment options in the That’s a pretty decent consolation prize while we wait for the developer to iron the bugs out for iPhone compatibility…