tvOS’s Universal Search feature gains support for Comedy Central, MTV and VH1

Universal Search feature on the fourth-generation Apple TV has been refreshed yesterday with expanded support for searching content provided by tvOS video apps from Viacom-owned Comedy Central and music networks MTV and VH1. Provided these apps are installed on your set-top box, you can either use the Search app on the device or press the Siri button on the remote and use your voice to find shows like South Park and others.

New Apple Music commercial debuts during 2015 MTV Video Music Award

Continuing its strong marketing push of Apple Music, a brand new Apple Music commercial debuted during last evening's 2015 MTV Music Video Award ceremony. Consisting of a pair of videos running sixty seconds each, the ad features The Weeknd, a Canadian PBR&B singer, songwriter and record producer who is one of the most played artists on Beats 1 Radio.

MTV’s VMA nominees will be announced tomorrow exclusively on Beats 1

Lots of ink was used in the run-up to Apple Music introduction regarding exclusive music deals that Apple has managed to negotiate with its favorite artists. And in addition to album exclusives, Apple's Beats 1 global radio is hosted by celebrity DJs and has already aired a few exclusive interviews.

And now, the 24/7 live-streaming radio station has partnered with Viacom-owned MTV to exclusively reveal nominees for the upcoming Video Music Awards (VMA), a move which suggests Apple's desire to position Beats 1 as the de facto source of both new music and industry events.

MTV iOS app gains second-screen features, on-demand streaming

MTV's beleaguered iOS app has received a massive update which brings it on par with entertainment apps by other major networks. The software has been rebuilt from the ground up "to bring the ultimate MTV video experience to your iPhone and iPad".

Indeed, among the new features are long overdue second-screen capabilities, free clips and on-demand streams of select MTV shows. Second-screen experience entails interactive features like Facebook chat and relevant Twiter feeds, image galleries, polls and quizzes, various backgrounders, behind-the-scenes facts, MTV charts and so forth...