No, THIS is the first app to take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ M7 coprocessor

Earlier today we ran a story about Strava Run, a fitness tracking app that tracks your runs and analyses your performances. Like many other media outlet, we believed Strava was the first app available in the App Store to take full advantage of the iPhone 5s new M7 coprocessor.

As it turns out, we were wrong. As many readers were quick to point out, Strava was not the first app available in the App Store to fully use the M7.

The first app to do bring Motion Activity M7 support to an app is Argus, an all around health and fitness tracker that has been been available for quite some time...

Strava Run app becomes first to utilize iPhone 5s’ M7 [update: NOT]

UPDATE: Strava Run is not the first app to take advantage of the M7. Read our post about Argus for the details.

Strava, maker of fitness tracking software, has been referred to as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in fitness right now. And tonight, it proves that again with a new update to its Strava Run app.

Version 3.5.3 of the app, which uses GPS to track your runs and bike rides, features a handful of notable improvements. But the most significant, though, is the addition of support for the new M7 coprocessor...

New in iOS 7: Motion Activity

Apple's iOS 7 software includes a new privacy section nested inside the Settings application. It exists to explicitly cater to next-gen fitness apps specifically designed with Apple's new M7 chip in mind. As you know, the M7 motion coprocessor is iPhone 5s-exclusive (actually a rebranded NXP LPC18A1 chip - that's the power of marketing to you)...

iPhone 5s chips: Samsung-made A7, NXP-made M7, Bosch accelerometer, Sony CMOS

After conducting its ritual teardown analysis of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, both of which went on sale earlier today in the United States, China and an additional nine major global markets, the repair experts over at iFixIt teamed up with Chipworks for a high-tech analysis of the iPhone 5s's innards.

Putting the Apple-designed 64-bit A7 chip under a microscope, deep scans reveal the new iPhone engine is still being made by Samsung...

Apple allegedly working on Maps car-finding feature

Apple hasn't talked much about its new M7 motion coprocessor that was specifically designed to work alongside the A7 chip inside the iPhone 5s to improve battery life by offloading some tasks that don't require the full power of the main A7 processor.

Some of these tasks include polling motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass sensors without waking up the A7 chip

According to a new report, Apple has bigger plans for the M7 chip and could use it to enable new geolocation Maps features in a way that won't bring a significant hit on the battery...

Apple announces new M7 Motion coprocessor

Along with Apple's just announced A7 chip, comes a companion chip called the M7 that serves as a "Motion coprocessor." The purpose of this chip is to constantly measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass built into the iPhone 5s.

This promises to open up a new playing field for health and fitness apps, in that they can actively track whether or not you're stationary, walking, driving, and more.