We’re giving away three ‘Lima’ beta invites

Last week we brought you an in-depth look at Lima — the web-based Cydia alternative for jailbroken iOS devices. Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed by what we saw.

If you're anxious to get your hands on Lima, then here is your chance. As promised, we're giving away three Lima beta invitations.

Want one? Check inside for the details...

Hands on with Lima, a browser based Cydia alternative

Over the years there has been no shortage of proclaimed Cydia replacements, alternatives, and supplements.

Lima is the latest such purported alternative, but it has one unique thing going for it that makes it a bit different from the others — it's entirely browser based.

Is Lima a legitimate threat to Cydia's dominance?

I've had the privilege to go hands-on with a beta copy, and I'd like to share some of the things that I found with you.

Installer 4.0 Making a Comeback to Compete with Cydia?

Earlier this month we reported on the return of a Cydia alternative known as Icy to the jailbreak scene. The renewed package installer came out swinging with a quick and simple user interface, as well as the ability to add all of your favorite sources.

From the same folks that brought you Icy, comes Installer 4.0. The Infini-Dev team posted on their blog yesterday that they had successfully ported Installer to iOS 4.3.3, let the nostalgia and deja vu begin...

Lima is a New Browser-Based Cydia Alternative

After Cydia was crippled by the the recent Amazon EC2 outage, jailbreakers have been seeking out alternative options to get their favorite iOS extensions. Currently, Cydia is widely known as the "only" jailbroken app store, but it certainly seems like the Infini Dev Team is looking to change that.

You may recognize them as the developers who are bringing back the popular Icy package installer, which has been absent from the jailbreak scene since iOS 3.0. But Icy's not the only Cydia challenger these guys have been working on. They have another project in the oven called Lima...