iPadOS 14

Get a true Guest Mode experience on your pwned iPhone or iPad with LendMyPhone 4

One of the things offered on a Mac that isn’t currently available on the iPhone or iPad out of the box is Guest Mode. This feature allows friends or strangers to log into your device using a separate user account, which means they can take care of what they need to without accessing any of your account’s private and personal files and information.

Many iPhone and iPad users would enjoy having a feature like this on their mobile devices for the sake of allowing friends and family members to use said devices without exposing their own personal information. Sadly, Apple hasn’t indicated any intention of offering such a feature, and that’s where having a jailbroken handset comes in handy.

Why can’t I enable the “Allow Apps to Request to Track“ setting on my iPhone?

On April 26, 2021, Apple released the OS 14.5 update for the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPadOS 14.5 software for the iPad and tvOS 14.5 one for the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. With these software updates came a global toggle allowing users to tell all apps not to be tracked by default, bypassing the new privacy permission prompt altogether. Now, some people have experienced issues attempting to turn on the feature, with the “Allow Apps to Request to Track“ toggle grayed out in Settings. Here's why that's happening and what you can do about it.