iOS 13.6

Apple closes signing window for iOS 13.6 to stop downgrades from iOS 13.6.1

Apple stopped signing iOS & iPadOS 13.6 Wednesday evening, a predictable move on the Cupertino-based company’s part that is known to prevent users of these particular devices from downgrading from the newer iOS & iPadOS 13.6.1 firmware that was released to the general public one week ago to address a ‘green tint’ issue exhibited by some OLED displays, among other things.

We say predictable because Apple follows this trend like clockwork every time the company releases a new version of iOS & iPadOS, but we digress…

New tfp0 exploit supports Apple’s brand-new iOS & iPadOS 13.6 releases

Matrix code hacked iPhone.

When you’re an avid jailbreaker and you hear news about a new exploit that could potentially be used to jailbreak the latest version of iOS, then you tend to get excited about it. This response is only natural, especially given Apple’s rather conspicuous practice of rapidly releasing software updates to patch the very exploits hackers release in order to jailbreak iPhones and iPads alike.

With that in mind, jailbreakers might be particularly thrilled to learn that a new tfp0 exploit has been cooked up for Apple’s brand-new iOS & iPadOS 13.6 release, which was dropped to the public only yesterday afternoon. The news was first shared via Twitter user and security researcher @_Simo36 Thursday morning: