Case maker Incipio buys portable speaker startup Braven

Incipio Technologies, the well-known maker of cases and other accessories for mobile products, today announced it is acquiring Braven for an undisclosed sum. If you're a sucker for mobile accessories, chances are you've heard of Braven by now. The company specializes in portable wireless Bluetooth speakers and was the first to produce a portable HD speaker / speakerphone that doubles as a cellphone charger.

The Irvine, California based Incipio hopes to broaden its portfolio by adding Braven's popular wireless speakers to its lineup...

Incipio Atlas review: a waterproof case backed by a warranty

Last month I featured five cases to protect your iPhone at the beach. Seeing the article, Incipio noticed I selected their ATLAS case as one of the current beach worthy options and sent me one to play with more closely. After receiving the case in the mail a few weeks ago, I have been toting around the water, dust, and shock proof case on my iPhone 5. The case is proving quite useful.

This is the first of Incipio's attempts to produce a waterproof case. However, even though new to the market, Incipio boasts a water damage warranty with the purchase of ATLAS. The company provides an easy product registration app to help you through the process. This confident move is an impressive customer service guarantee not all competitors are offering.

The fanciful, well-built packaging opens to reveal a solidly constructed case, complete with an installation guide to make sure everything is air tight...

Five cases to protect your iPhone at the beach

It was a pleasant time, gathered with family on the sandy East coast beach. There was a gentle breeze and a calming 80 degree forecast. Everything was going perfectly until I had the displeasure of dropping my naked iPhone on the beach. What a way to kill your afternoon.

Obviously, when Sebastien asked me to do a beach-friendly iPhone case roundup, I was certainly onboard with the idea. After spending the remainder of the afternoon making homemade ice cream and sucking the sand out of my iPhone's speakers, ports, and mute switch, I was cautiously excited to have removed all of the visible sand grains from my infected device. Nothing will stop your heart faster than dropping a $600 iPhone into the slushy beach sand, or swimming pool, or your favorite mixed drink, an oncoming wave, or everyone's favorite place to drop a phone, the toilet.

Inside, I highlight multiple waterproof options to keep your Apple product safe from the elements this summer, and year-round for that matter...

Incipio’s NGP case hugs the iPad mini

Incipio, as one of the largest world-wide accessory retailers, continues its line with fresh offerings for the iPad mini. Concurrently with the launch of the mini, Incipio hit the ground running with a few of their staple cases specifically tailored for Apple's newest iPad addition.

Today, I take a look at the Next Generation Polymer (NGP) impact protective shell. One of my biggest fears is scratching that beautiful black anodized shell and the NGP may be the ticket...

Incipio’s DualPro case with silicone core will protect your iPhone 5

Spanning three continents, like the old British empire, the Sun never sets on Incipio, allowing them to operate 24 hours per day. Their tireless approach makes them a world-wide leader in fresh and innovative designs that protect and enhance our mobile devices.

Incipio pushed an iPhone 5 accessory line concurrently with the release of the iPhone last Friday, and I was thankful to not only get a FedEx box with my shiny new iPhone, but also received a care package from my friend at Incipio with a DualPro inside. I am pumped about this new case and plan on using it frequently...