iBooks Author

iBooks Author Now Available for Download

Earlier this morning, Apple unveiled a couple of new applications geared towards revolutionizing education. The first was iBooks 2, an update to the company’s digital book store that now includes a host of interactive textbooks.

And the second was iBooks Author, an app that provides all the tools needed to make those textbooks without needing any kind of background in programming or publishing. And it’s now available for download…

iBooks 2 Now Available — Download Now

As promised, iBooks 2 has just hit the App Store, and you can download it right now.

If you don’t see the download when searching the app store on your iPad, then simple head over to this link in Mobile Safari.

As we covered, iBooks 2 is the latest update to iBooks that features the ability to download full text books, along with many other improved features…

iBooks Author: A Free Mac App Dedicated to Creating Books

iBooks 2 looks superb, but how does one go about creating the content? Apple’s answer? iBooks Author — a free Mac App Store app that allows you to create books for use in iBooks 2.

From the photos from The Verge’s live blog feed, the impression we get is that it’s a simple to use creation tool that looks like Pages meets Keynote meets Hypercard. In other words, it looks mighty slick, and easy to use…