Apple planning aggressive enterprise push, hiring dedicated sales force

Apple is planning its “most aggressive expansion yet” in the enterprise sector, according to a new report from Reuters. Citing sources familiar with the plans, the outlet says Apple is hiring a dedicated sales force, and working with developers who make industry-specific apps.

Apple is hoping to leverage its IBM and new developer partnerships into challenging market leaders like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Oracle, and SAP. And its sales team is being tasked with pitching this new enterprise strategy to decision-makers at high profile firms, like Citigroup.

BlackBerry, Dell not concerned about Apple-IBM deal

You would think hearing that Apple is teaming up with IBM to push further into the enterprise space would be worrisome for competitors. But both Dell and BlackBerry, who are each in the process of reshaping their businesses, say they’re unfazed.

In an interview this week, Dell’s John Swainson said that while he thought the announcement “made for a good press release,” he fails to see how the pair can prosper. Likewise, BlackBerry CEO John Chen likened the deal to “two elephants dancing.”

Apple and IBM announce major enterprise mobility partnership

Apple and IBM announced this afternoon that the two tech giants have entered an exclusive partnership to “transform enterprise mobility.” The pair will utilize the market-leading strengths of each company to bring about a whole new class of business apps to iPhone and iPad.

These apps will be for a variety of fields, including retail, healthcare, banking and travel, with some of the software becoming available by the end of the year. IBM is also working on a new ‘MobileFirst Platform for iOS,’ will be an end-to-end enterprise solution for iOS devices…

IBM: 5 years from now, you’ll be able to touch through your phone

At the end of every year, IBM Research publishes its annual  “5 in 5″, basically a list of five technologies that computer scientists believe will make the most impact in the next five years. Some of the past predictions that came true include a 2006 notion that we’d be bale to access healthcare remotely and use real-time speech translation. More often than not, however, these technology picks are merely entertaining guidelines and food for thought.

In the 2012 edition, IBM’s research arm calls for smartphones and computers with a sense of touch unlike any you’ve experienced before. Our gizmos will understand images and be more aware of their surroundings while providing a wide range of output via sensory and cognitive technologies, enabling, for example, the smell or taste of food.

With all due respect to current technology, our computers today are just large calculators”, IBM’s CTO of Telcom Research Paul Bloom says in the above clip. So, 2017 should be all about cognitive computing. Included after the break: five videos highlighting these interesting predictions…

Another anti-IBM footage unearthed, featuring Jobs cameo in ‘Ghostbusters’ spoof

Remember Apple’s ‘1994’ corporate video with Jobs impersonating Franklin Delano Roosevelt we told you about last week? Apparently, not everyone liked it so here’s a different one from the depths of the web archives, also sporting brief Jobs cameo appearance.

Just like the ‘1994’ clip, it’s aimed squarely at Apple’s arch-enemy in the early days, the almighty IBM. Dubbed ‘Blue Busters’ and dating back to 1984, this four-minute footage was shown at the same worldwide sales staff meeting in Hawaii in October 1984 like the ‘1994’ clip…

This is Where Your iPhone is Made.

The way we think of our electronic gear is amazing. We all want the latest and greatest as soon as possible and certainly as cheap as can be. However in order to get that accomplished it just so happens to take some unusually disturbing realities that some people call life.

I’m not holier than thou, in fact I own multiple devices from the very factory of focus here. Business Week took a visit of the place where our iPhones are built. They wanted to see how Foxconn headquarters were doing after their unpleasant suicide issue.