AirPopupConnect upgrades the H1 headphone pairing interface with dark mode & a connect button

A lot of magic happens when you bring a new pair of AirPods or Apple/Beats-branded equivalent headphones or earbuds with the proprietary H1 chip close to your iPhone for the first time. The pairing process is simply beautiful, complete with a stunning 3D render-equipped pairing interface and the works.

A similar interface appears when you bring any of the aforementioned audio devices close to your iPhone from then on so that you can view its current battery charge or just gawk at the gorgeous animations some more. But it’s noticeably missing something — a button for easily connecting to said device.

AirPods Pro, AirPods, PowerBeats Pro: what’s the difference?

AirPods Pro

With the introduction of the AirPods Pro, Apple's giving you two two distinct choices of wireless earbuds. You also can't forget about PowerBeats Pro, which pack in some of the same technology and some innovations of their own. All three of them sport different features and designs for different users. So let's break down the major differences between Apple's different H1-equipped wireless earbuds to help you decide which to pick.

AirPods 2 are powered by the new Apple H1 chip. Here’s everything it’s responsible for

The original AirPods debuted the Apple-designed W1 wireless chip without which their seamless pairing and other unique features wouldn't be possible. The new AirPods, available for pre-order beginning today ahead of their retail launch scheduled for Friday next week, take advantage of an improved version of the proprietary chip that now has a brand new name: H1.