FileMaker 16 releases with improvements to mobility, security and more

Apple subsidiary FileMaker today announced the release of FileMaker 16, the latest version of its popular custom app platform. The Mac suite includes everything needed to create, share and run custom apps for business teams that work across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. The software helps simplify the design and delivery of custom apps for mobile, cloud and on-premises deployments.

A new Layout Objects window helps you visualize the hierarchical order of objects in your layouts while new cURL options and predefined JSON functions allow your apps to exchange data with other web services.

Key highlights in FileMaker 16 include:

Mobility: The addition of animations and transitions with scripts provide visual cues to help orient users as they navigate through their custom apps on the FileMaker Go app. Enhanced signature capture for the FileMaker Go app allows users to sign documents on iPad and iPhone just as they would on a paper form. Integration: Easily exchange data with other web services and applications using enhanced cURL options and predefined JSON functions in FileMaker Pro. Development: The new Layout Objects window provides a hierarchical list of all objects in a layout. This makes it easy to make changes to an object without having to ungroup the entire set of objects. Scalability: Custom apps accessed via FileMaker WebDirect now can be used by up to 500 users simultaneously, making it easier to share data with an entire team. Security: Simplified credential management with OAuth 2.0 using third-party authentication providers improves security and safety of custom apps. Existing Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure account credentials now can be used to log into FileMaker-based custom apps.

Individual users can buy FileMaker Pro 16 for $329, or $549 for FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced.

Teams of five users can subscribe to FileMaker for $888 per year, which gives them unlimited access to FileMaker Server and all the apps included in the suite on desktop, mobile and the web, plus future updates.

A perpetual license for a team of five users, which does not include access to future versions of FileMaker, is $2,664.

To learn more about FileMaker 16 Platform, visit

A free trial of FileMaker 16 is available at

FileMaker Pro 2013 released with deeper iOS integration, web-based data entry and more

Following a website leak yesterday, Apple subsidiary FileMaker, formerly Claris, today announced a brand new version of its namesake cross-platform relational database application for Mac and Windows PCs. FileMaker Pro 13 comes with more than fifty new features and a new pricing scheme.

The new features include stronger AES 256-bit data encryption, additional tools inside companion iOS apps that support one-step creation of iPhone and iPad database layouts, a brand new HTML5-based support for easy data entry using any standards-compliant web browser such as Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome and much, much more...

Apple’s website leaks FileMaker Pro 13

FileMaker, formerly Claris and now an Apple subsidiary, has been enjoying great success with its namesake cross-platform relational database application for decades now. FileMaker 12 was released nearly two years ago for the Mac and Windows PCs. There has been a lot of talk lately about the next major upgrade, FileMaker 13, but little in terms of leaks.

Well, the online Apple Store saw to that: in several countries, placeholder URLs along with website entries went prematurely live, presumably by accident. Furthermore, some versions of FileMaker Pro 12 have been seemingly discontinued in those stores, indicating that FileMaker 13 could be easily around the corner...