FileMaker Pro 2013 released with deeper iOS integration, web-based data entry and more

Following a website leak yesterday, Apple subsidiary FileMaker, formerly Claris, today announced a brand new version of its namesake cross-platform relational database application for Mac and Windows PCs. FileMaker Pro 13 comes with more than fifty new features and a new pricing scheme.

The new features include stronger AES 256-bit data encryption, additional tools inside companion iOS apps that support one-step creation of iPhone and iPad database layouts, a brand new HTML5-based support for easy data entry using any standards-compliant web browser such as Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome and much, much more…

Apple’s website leaks FileMaker Pro 13

FileMaker, formerly Claris and now an Apple subsidiary, has been enjoying great success with its namesake cross-platform relational database application for decades now. FileMaker 12 was released nearly two years ago for the Mac and Windows PCs. There has been a lot of talk lately about the next major upgrade, FileMaker 13, but little in terms of leaks.

Well, the online Apple Store saw to that: in several countries, placeholder URLs along with website entries went prematurely live, presumably by accident. Furthermore, some versions of FileMaker Pro 12 have been seemingly discontinued in those stores, indicating that FileMaker 13 could be easily around the corner…