iCloud down this morning for nearly 15 million users

Having problems accessing your iCloud email today? You aren't alone. A simple search for 'iCloud' on Twitter returns 1000s of results, showing folks started experiencing problems with the service early this morning.

Apple has updated its iCloud System Status page, confirming the outage. And according to the Cupertino company, around 12% of users were unable to access parts of the cloud-based platform for almost two hours...

Tecca Lists the iPhone 4S Among 2011’s Biggest Flops

Most analysts, or anyone else who judges a product's success by sales numbers, would find it difficult to describe the iPhone 4S as anything else but a smash hit.

The handset, which Apple just started rolling out in mid-October, is already one of the year's (if not the) best-selling smartphones. But that didn't stop the folks at tecca from naming the device one of the year's biggest tech flops...

What Does the Failed AT&T Merger Mean for T-Mobile?

After the FCC joined the Department of Justice in announcing its public disapproval of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger last month, we figured the deal was as good as dead. And after a few weeks of trying to find a workaround, AT&T has finally figured it out as well.

As we reported yesterday, the carrier has just announced that it has decided to completely withdraw its offer to purchase the Deutsche Telekom-owned operator. This is obviously great news for Sprint and other small carriers, but what does it mean for T-Mobile?

Could Not Activate iPhone 4S

Just picked up your iPhone 4S? Excited? You should be.

But that excitement may be quickly quelled when you try to activate your new device.

Apparently, AT&T's servers are getting hammered, and it's causing activation to fail over, and over, and over...