Google Play revenue up 67 percent in last 6 months, but App Store still leads

Android's growing popularity in Asia, particularly in Japan and South Korea, has helped Google's Play store for Android record a revenue jump of 67 percent over the past six months. By comparison, Apple's App store revenue has climbed just fifteen percent during the same timeframe, according to analytics firm Distimo.

The impressive numbers for Android apps belie the fact that Apple's App Store continues to be the largest with more than two times the revenue as Google Play. In April, we commented on a report from competing analytics company App Annie showing relative parity with downloads but Apple having 2.6 times the revenue...

It takes 72,000 downloads a day for an app to reach top 10 spot in the App Store

You have a whiz-bang idea for an iOS app, but want to know how much effort it will take to get into the top 10 list? On general, it requires 4,000 daily downloads for an app to reach the top 10 paid apps, and it requires earning $47,000 per day for paid apps to reach rank 10 in the grossing charts, a new study finds. For the bean-counters in the audience, that translates to $32 in purchases per minute or $1,920 per hour.

Another tip: never try to break into the top 10 during weekends. Instead, you'll have better luck on Thursdays. If you want little competition, try Google or Amazon, where all you hear are crickets chirping, according to an app analytics firm...

Google Play revenue increases, but App Store remains leader

New details are emerging showing Google's Play store increasing its revenue, yet still lagging Apple (particularly in the United States) - and that's in spite of Android's big lead in terms of device activations and unit sales.

The report by app analytic firm Distimo indicates Google Play in April reached 27 percent of the combined revenue of the two app stores, up from 19 percent in November 2012. Although Google's store witnessed an eight percent jump in app revenue, Apple's App Store in April still brought in $5.1 million for the top 200 apps.

That compares to $1.1 million for Google Play. Still, the research highlighted some developers earning equal or more revenue from Android app sales...

It’s true: app price drops positively affect revenue

Price drops are the norm in app business. Developers are keen to slash prices of their digital warez, mostly for a limited time, in order to boost revenue. Some apps even go from paid to free permanently in the hope of raking in more revenue through in-app purchases. Just a few recent examples: Evernote has temporarily made the Penultimate handwriting app free and National Geographic's World Atlas for the first time has gone free.

Netbot, the Tweetbot for App.net, is also a free download now. A new survey was published Friday, highlighting the positive effect of price changes on download volumes and revenue of iPad and iPhone apps in the App Store...

Google Play grows, App Store still cash king

What's better: to be taller or wealthier? Carry that debate to Apple versus Google and you have the latest on the battle between Apple's App Store and Google Play. While Google's revenue is growing, Apple's application store for iOS devices simply overwhelms the Mountain View, California firm in terms of cash, even if there's another, much darker side to app economy.

During the last four months, Google Play's combined daily revenue grew at 43 percent compared to the App Store's 21 percent, according to research firm Distimo. However, over the entire year, App Store revenue rose by 51 percent.

But wait, there's more. In November, the App Store rang up $15 million in average daily revenue. That compares to $3.5 million for Google Play during the same time...