Learn Photoshop, animation, and web design with Adobe CC

Adobe has long been the most trusted name in creative software. Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver are used by professionals and hobbyists alike for their work. Adobe Creative Cloud is a software suite that includes these programs and more and is invaluable for those either currently employed or seeking to one day work in creative industries.

DEVONagent is a smart search assistant that’s better than Google

As anyone who has written a college essay knows, research is a skill in and of itself. Research makes the difference between a winning essay or presentation and one that falls flat. But finding the best sources and keeping track of them all can be an exhausting job. It's easy to become overwhelmed by lists and browser tabs and lose hours trying to find the right information.

Mixmax boosts productivity with new Gmail features

Email is supposed to simplify communication, but it can easily become unruly. Thousands of messages piling up with no order or easy way to sort them out; productivity grinds to a stand-still unless you're dedicating tons of time to curating your inbox. Or, you can use Mixmax, a browser-extension productivity suite for Gmail that seriously simplifies email.

Save big with these Sid Meier’s Civilization game deals

Everybody wants to rule the world. Sid Meier's Civilization is the premier turn-based strategy game, and millions have created their own empires to try their hand at conquering the globe. Civilization sets itself apart from other strategy games with its robust simulation of culture, diplomacy, economics, and war.

Learn Adobe Photoshop with courses taught by the experts

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing tools on the market. It's used by professional designers and photographers to create their best work. But, with such a robust and versatile sets of tools, it can be difficult for beginner and intermediate users to discover the program's true potential.

This meditation app uses AI to create personalized routines

Good mental health is perhaps the most important thing a person needs to function, yet most people fail to take it into account. Taking stock of mental well-being is a good way to improve all areas of life, since ultimately a person's feelings, actions, and motivations originate in the mind.

iMazing simplifies backups and transfers between iPhones

Keeping your data organized is a task all on its own. Figuring out what device you've left pictures or music on, keeping track of your backups, and transferring files can take hours.

iMazing is a tool specifically designed to eliminate the headache of transferring data. Simplifying data management between your Mac, iPad and iPhone with the ability to drag and drop files, pictures and songs to your devices, iMazing works wirelessly or with USB.