Dan Riccio

Apple execs go on PR offensive to defend removal of “dinosaur” headphone jack from iPhone 7

Apple's marketing honcho Phil Schiller said during yesterday's iPhone 7 keynote that the company has had the courage and vision to remove the ubiquitous 3.55 mm audio headphone jack from the handset in a forward-thinking move that has allowed its engineers to cram more hardware features inside the handset than ever before.

Schiller, Greg Joswiak and hardware chief Dan Riccio took to BuzzFeed News to list some of the new iPhone 7 features made possible by the abolished jack.

Why did Apple’s recently-minted hardware boss cash in $11M in stock?

Dan Riccio, Apple's recently promoted Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, sold 20,726 shares of stock in the last two days. The transaction netted him a cool $10.7 million, with a thousand shares worth approximately half a million going to an unnamed charity. That another SVP of Apple is unloading shares (though he didn't touch his stock options) doesn't mean he's potentially being fired, as some critics have jokingly speculated...