It’s costing Apple more to make iPhones

The cost of material used to make the 64GB version of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has slightly increased, compared to previous models. According to research firm IHS Markit, the estimated bill of material (BOM) of $247.51 for iPhone 8, and $288.08 for iPhone 8 Plus, "is the result of slower annual component cost erosion tied in with additional features."

iPhone 4S Parts Cost Same as iPhone 4

The folks over at iSuppli have teared down the new iPhone 4S, this time providing a detailed analysis as well as the estimated cost to manufacture the handset.

While the iPhone 4S looks almost completely identical to the previous generation iPhone 4, there are some changes inside the new handset which seem to have translated to a 50 cent cost increase from the iPhone 4...

The New Apple TV Costs $64 to Make

iSuppli's teardown of the new Apple TV reveals that it cost Apple only $64 to make. Now I know why the Apple TV looks and feel so cheap... It's because it is cheap! Am I the only one being disappointed by the quality of the packaging and the remote control?

The Most Overpriced iPhone Dock Ever

I once bought a pair of retro Air Jordan that were strikingly ugly but nonetheless a one of kind product. I thought by owning these I was cool. Needless to say I was 16 years old.

Touch My iPhone highlights a new iPhone dock that may earn bonus points for creativity but puts my old tennis shoes to shame. The iRetrophone Skyliner mimics your grandmother's old stationary phone (the handset on the dock actually works) and offers the following description...

How Much Your iPhone Really Costs

If you were asked how much you paid for your iPhone, I suspect the common answer, (contract free phones aside), would be either $200-300 plus tax, depending on the capacity you opted to purchase. After politely hanging up on Best Buy today after I was told I would have to pay $13 to have an already $30 InvisibleShield "installed", I started thinking. About what you ask? I got to thinking how much cash has just my current iPhone 4 cost me, in the 6 weeks or so I've owned it.

I went with the 32GB model for the logic stemming from the "it's better to have unused space than too little space" module. So let us take a quick tally type glance at how much my iPhone 4 has really cost me, so far:

iPhone 4 + tax+ upgrade fee - $330 Applications/Music since launch day - $125 Belkin Vue Grip Case - $25 2 generic cases from Hong Kong - $8 Car charger + cable to plug into the Mazda 3 - $40 2 months worth of data (petty, but real) - $60

Total: $588

Now, I didn't include my monthly AT&T bill simply because I would have a phone of some sort, even if it wasn't an iPhone. This comes to an average of $100 per week thus far! Don't worry, I know there are readers here who paid more than just to walk out of the store with their current iPhone. However just like it is with them, it's all personal choice. No one, (that I'm aware of) has ever been "forced" at gunpoint to buy an iPhone and its accessories. That would be a pretty far-out stick-up though.

So, how much as your current iPhone cost you since you bought it? Obviously if I went off the numbers of my 3GS, the number would be much steeper (& painful). Nevertheless, post your numbers in the comment box if you dare see what your precious piece of history has cost you.

iPad Data Cost All Around the World [Hint: the US is Very Expensive]

The guys over at Tableau Software created this interesting chart that shows data cost for the iPad 3G in every country that currently carries the iPad. As you can see there is a huge gap between the cheapest (Singapore) and the most expensive one (France).

The US is one of the most expensive countries in term of iPad 3G data. However if you're one of the few people who were grandfathered in the unlimited plan for $30, you have a pretty good deal.