The Most Overpriced iPhone Dock Ever

I once bought a pair of retro Air Jordan that were strikingly ugly but nonetheless a one of kind product. I thought by owning these I was cool. Needless to say I was 16 years old.

Touch My iPhone highlights a new iPhone dock that may earn bonus points for creativity but puts my old tennis shoes to shame. The iRetrophone Skyliner mimics your grandmother’s old stationary phone (the handset on the dock actually works) and offers the following description…

The iRetrofone Base is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. Each individual iRetrofone is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in urethane resin. The iRetrofone base is made of heavy-duty, half-inch thick urethane resin creating a stable, functional work station that routes voice communications through the included handset. Designed to be compatible with the iPhone’s (iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4G (not included), it accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable (not included). The iRetrofone base also helps eliminate concerns about radiation.

Radiation protection? Anyways, the real tragedy isn’t the design of this unique iPhone dock. Owning this piece of history will cost you an alarming $250. Yeah, you could buy an iPod Touch for that.

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