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Consumer Reports: new iPhones ‘not as bendy as believed’

Consumer Reports says the new iPhones “aren’t as bendy as believed,” after testing both handsets, alongside other top smartphones. Using a three-point flexural test, the outlet found that the iPhone 6 can withstand 70 pounds of pressure before deforming, and the 6 Plus can take up to 90.

That was good enough to beat HTC’s One (M8)—which makes this bendgate tweet a bit ironic—but both iPhones still finished well behind the LG G3 and Samsung’s Note 3. The bottom line, though, is Consumer Reports says it expects “that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

Consumer Reports praises new iPhones, but calls latest Droids a better buy

A lot (some?) of people partially base their purchasing decisions on reviews and comparisons of consumer products by Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. monthly published by Consumers Union since 1936. It also irked Apple fans over milking the iPhone 4 over Antennagate meme for all it was worth.

In turn, Consumer Reports lost some of its credibility and luster, especially after it changed its mind and backtracked on its original ‘can’t recommend the iPhone 4’ stance.

Today, the publication is back at it again, having put Apple’s new iPhones through their paces. Even though it loved the iPhone 5c and came away impressed with the iPhone 5s’s improved camera and Touch ID fingerprint scanning, Consumer Reports still thinks Motorola’s latest Droid handsets are a better buy versus the new iPhones…

Consumer Reports weighs in on device upgrade plans

Earlier this week, we took a comparative look at the various new device upgrade plans that carriers have introduced over the last several days. There’s T-Mobile’s ‘Jump’ plan, AT&T Next, and Verizon’s ‘Edge’ program.

After crunching some numbers, we found that T-Mobile’s offering was the better of the three, as it doesn’t include device subsidy costs in its rate plans. And it looks like Consumer Reports, who did its own math, agrees…

Consumer Reports ranks Galaxy S4 its new top-rated smartphone

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, has been declared our “new top-rated smartphone” in a barrage of tests conducted by Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. magazine published monthly by Consumers Union since 1936.

Yup, that’s the same publication that gave Apple’s iPhone 5 a thumbs-up shortly following its September 2012 introduction only to rank it one of its worst high-end devices available on the larger U.S. carriers in its February 2013 issue. So, what Galaxy S4 features did Consumer Reports editors single out as particularly appealing?

Consumer Reports again rates Apple best in tech support

Apple once again is rated best at providing technical support to consumers, according to Consumer Reports, an influential American magazine published monthly by Consumers Union since 1936. This year’s overall score of 86 out of 100 topped Apple’s 2012 rating, the publication announced.

Additionally, Apple’s retail Geek Bar solved nearly 90 percent of tech problems, higher than Best Buy’s lookalike Geek Squad bars. The iPhone maker produced the highest survey results, outstripping its nearest competitor, Lenovo, which scored 63. Apple’s success was due to a number of factors, according to the Consumer Reports survey…

Consumer Reports places iPhone 5 among the worst of top smartphones

Consumer reports is an American Magazine (and web resource) that has been bringing its readers reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services for nearly 80 years now. So needless to say, their opinions are highly regarded but many.

But I know a few iPhone 5 owners that aren’t going to agree with its latest report regarding flagship smartphones. In its February 2013 issue, the magazine ranks Apple’s handset as one of the worst high-end devices available on the larger US carriers…

Apple ranked top retailer in cellphone buyer survey

In addition to its carrier satisfaction survey, Consumer Reports also released the results of its cellphone buying experience survey this morning. The firm’s National Research center asked 10,000 subscribers who had purchased a cellphone in the last two years to rate their buying experience. And surprise, surprise, Apple came out on top…

Consumer Reports: AT&T has the best 4G LTE, worst voice and data service quality

Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. magazine that has been reviewing products since 1936, is out today with its annual rankings of major United States wireless operators. And just like last year and the year before, AT&T again was ranked the worst in the United States in customer satisfaction. On a brighter note, AT&T’s 4G service garnered the least complaints from customers…

Consumer Reports says nice things of Apple Maps

Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. magazine published monthly since 1936 by Consumers Union, gave Apple’s iPhone 5 a thumbs-up recently but initially slammed iOS 6 Maps navigation (“we were disappointed”). Melted bridges aside, the publication known for its reviews and comparisons of popular products took both Apple Maps and Google Maps for a spin, concluding that Apple’s offering is “certainly more favorable than comments and articles that we’ve been reading online”…

Consumer Reports gives iPhone 5 a thumbs-up

Consumer Reports is an 80+ year-old American magazine that publishes reviews and opinions on new consumer products and services. It’s physical publication has more than 7 million monthly subscribers and is highly regarded among shoppers.

The magazine has quite a history with Apple, once giving the iPhone 4 a “cannot recommend status,” back in 2010, and then sensationalizing the iPad 3’s overheating issue earlier this year. But as it turns out, it actually really likes the iPhone 5…

iPad 3 tops Consumer Reports tablet ratings, Retina display “a new benchmark in excellence”

Following a favorable ChangeWave Research study which put to rest so-called Heatgate, the influential United States consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports published this morning their definite findings concerning Apple’s third-generation iPad tablet.

Just as they did with iPad 2, Consumer Reports says the new iPad tops their tablet ratings, stressing its high-resolution screen “establishes a new benchmark in excellence”…

Consumer Reports reviews the new Apple TV

Consumer Reports caused quite a stir yesterday when it reportedly found Apple’s new iPad to have an overheating problem. While there’s evidence that the tablet runs a tad warm, a lot of folks have called the report sensationalist.

Well the folks at CR are back again today with their review of the new Apple TV. And no, there’s no mention of “heatgate” this time around. It actually sounds like they’re genuinely impressed with Apple’s latest set top box…