Angry Birds: 30M downloads on Christmas week

So much about Angry Birds running its course. Finnish developer Rovio announced today that its Angry Birds series, which just turned three, has been downloaded thirty million times during the Christmas week, raking in over eight million downloads on the Christmas Day alone. The 99-cent holiday sale of Rovio’s iPad games might have helped with that. It was an Angry New Year for Rovio indeed and the company produced a charming infographic that highlights other interesting holiday sales stats…

YouTube, Google Maps top list of most downloaded apps on Christmas Day

Given the fact that millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches were given as gifts this year, and that a number of apps and games were on sale, it’s no surprise that there was a huge spike in app downloads on Tuesday.

In fact, app analytics firm Distimo found that daily downloads in the App Store increased by 87% on Christmas Day compared to the December 2012 average. So what was everyone downloading? Read on to find out…

Here’s Samsung’s Christmas ad that will ruin your childhood

Not sure whether or not you saw Samsung’s TV ad starring Santa and Mrs. Claus where the characters share their sex tape using “the magic of S Beam on the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II”.

I know it’s a rehash of Samsung’s earlier (and pretty funny) take on a sex tape exchange between a guy and his wife. Let’s be clear – I have absolutely no problem with sex in advertising, but that’s a preposterous thing to air as we head into Christmas.

Just what exactly are kids supposed to think after being exposed to such a dramatized sexual innuendo involving their childhood hero? Seriously, what’s next? A sexting Santa commercial? Thanks for ruining my childhood, Samsung!

Apple guaranteeing iPad mini deliveries before Christmas

Just spotted an interesting notice over at the online Apple Store, where Apple promises to deliver your iPad mini by Christmas if orders are placed by midnight December 5. “Order iPad mini by midnight December 5 for guaranteed delivery before Christmas”, reads Apple’s holiday shopping page.

A lot of kids’ faces in the U.S. are gonna light up after unwrapping their Christmas gift. Over in the United Kingdom, however, shoppers must order the gadget by midnight today, or by December 4 in Canada. Apple’s also sweetening the deal with free shipping and laser engraving. Hopefully, Santa won’t say you’ve been a naughty boy…

iPhone 5 easier to find in stores, analysts say

There is at least a 7-in-10 chance that you can now find an iPhone 5 on store shelves, according to one analyst Wednesday. The once-elusive smartphone may soon be available for same-day purchase from Apple Stores, the Wall Street observer told investors. The report by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster (I know, don’t start) follows news that iPhone 5 units ordered through Apple’s website have a two-week shipping delay, down from as much as three weeks. His comments echo those by fellow Apple watcher Shawn Wu of Sterne Agee, who described the wider availability of the iPhone 5 as “much improved”…

Kids want an iPad for Christmas – and nothing else

Listen up, parents. Your kids want an iPad. Don’t be swayed by the Microsoft Surface commercials or the Nintendo Wii U chatter. No matter whether your child is 6 or 16, the iPad is at the top of Christmas wish lists for 2012, a new survey has it. According to Nielsen Wire, the top four out of five most-wanted gifts for children and teens bear an Apple logo.

Even more intriguing are the changes in what Apple products are wanted this holiday season versus last year. If anything, the trend can be summed-up in one word: tablet…