Festive Christmas iPhone wallpapers

christmas red green ornament iphone wallpaper mock

The Wallpapers of the Week collection is a curated list of photo quality images for your Apple devices. Focusing primarily on iPhone, the section brings a new gallery each Sunday. Often, the images are seasonally specific. Throughout December the focus has prepared us for the colder months. This week, the selection is Christmas specific.

Christmas iPhone wallpaper

Below is a collection of Christmas iPhone wallpapers that I edited down from larger file sizes. The following images are taken from their original photographers via unsplash.com, which is a repository for artists to offer free downloads. The artist is linked on each image and I encourage you to visit their other work.

We will be looking for more incredible wallpapers as we continue through the cold snowy winter months. If you have images to share, want some mid-week downloads, or just say hello, catch me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the wallpaper collection.


Download by Erin Walker: iPhone


Download by Joanna Kosinska: iPhone


Download by by Miroslava: iPhone


Download by Mourad Saadi: iPhone


Download by Plush Design Studio: iPhone

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