Brandon Plank

Brandon Plank says rootlessJB for iOS 14.0-14.3 may launch within two weeks

Matrix code hacked iPhone.

Shortly after the unveiling of the brand-new cicuta_verosa kernel exploit for all devices running up to and including iOS 14.3, renowned jailbreak developers and hackers began investigating its viability.

While much of the initial spotlight shined on Odyssey lead developer CoolStar to create an iOS 14-compatible jailbreak with the novel cicuta_verosa exploit, it seems that even Brandon Plank, another name that resonates positively with the jailbreak community, will be going hands-on with it.

iPAPatcher comes out of beta as developer re-writes tool for v1.0

Just under two weeks ago, developer Brandon Plank launched a beta macOS app dubbed iPAPatcher that allowed users to merge Dynamic Libraries (dylib) or jailbreak tweaks (.deb files) with iPhone or iPad apps (.ipa files) before installing them on a handset of your choosing. In essence, one might describe it as akin to enabling hacks and perks in your favorite apps without the need for a jailbreak.

As of this week, however, iPAPatcher is officially coming out of beta. The source code of version 1.0 of this handy utility is now published on the developer’s GitHub page, and as you might come to expect, it comes with a plethora of improvements that benefit the end user.