Microsoft finally unveils its Siri competitor ‘Cortana’

It’s been nearly three years since Apple unveiled Siri on its iPhone 4s, and Microsoft finally has its answer to the digital assistant: Cortana. Named after a virtual character in the company’s popular Halo gaming franchise, the feature is powered by Bing and offers a mix of Google Now-ish and Siri-like characteristics.
We first got a glimpse of Cortana earlier this year courtesy of a developer leak, but Microsoft officially unveiled her this morning at its Build Developer Conference in San Francisco. The assistant will ship alongside several other new features in the Windows Phone 8.1 update, expected to launch in the next few months…

24me is smarter than your average personal assistant

There are hundreds of getting-things-done (GTD) and organizer apps in the App Store. The problem is finding the right one for you. Everyone manages their time differently. Some work better with very minimalist actions. Others prefer having all the bells and whistles. What about those who sit right in the middle?

24me Smart Personal Assistant is the “Baby Bear” of GTD apps. It is fairly simplistic and easy to use, but has just the right amount of bells and whistles to increase productivity without taking much time to get organized…

Apple acquires personal assistant app Cue

Apple has apparently acquired another personal assistant company. It’s called Cue, and it’s the startup firm behind the personal assistant app for iPhone, of the same name, which shut down earlier this week.

The company, formerly known as Greplin, was a Y Combinator  alumnus, announced to its users on Tuesday that the service would be shutting down, and that premium users would receive a prorated refund…

New assistant app ‘Donna’ promises you’ll never be late again

Watch out Siri, there’s a new digital assistant on iOS and she is causing quite a bit of commotion. Her name is Donna, and she is billed as a virtual secretary that helps you manage your day with smart notifications, an anticipatory calendar, and in-app directions.

The app is the product of the San Francisco-based Incredible Labs, who is backed by a laundry list of high-profile investors including Ashton Kutcher. And the developers say they named it after Donna Moss, the popular assistant from the TV show ‘The West Wing.’