Ask Jeff

Ask Jeff Episode 02 – That’s the company line

It's been a long time, but we've finally posted a new episode of Ask Jeff for your viewing pleasure. In this episode we discuss features from iOS 6, whether of not it's wise to upgrade to the iOS 6 beta, and various topics surrounding jailbreaking.

We've also decided to do something new this time around — taking questions via phone call. A very interesting discussion resides inside, be sure not to miss it...

Ask Jeff Season 02: Episode 01 – Finding the Secret

Do you have a jailbreak related question that you've just been dying to find an answer to? Do you want to discuss all things Apple with the folks at iDB? If so, then be sure to tune into the latest episode of Ask Jeff.

In the first episode of the year, Jeff tackles questions regarding the rumored Apple Television, the iPhone 2G, the best jailbreak tweak for the iPhone, Cydia errors on refreshing, and much, much, much more...

Ask Jeff: Episode X

In the 10th episode of Ask Jeff, I tackle questions pertaining to iPhone theming, iPhone 4S battery solutions, Android tablets, how to attach items to emails, and much, much more.

It's hard to believe it's already been 10 episodes, but time flys when you have tons of interesting questions to mull over. Check inside to tune in to episode 10, and be sure to think of some good questions for the next episode...

Ask Jeff: Episode 09 – Back in Action

After a brief hiatus, I'm back with Ask Jeff: Episode 09. In this episode I answer tons of questions ranging from data usage monitoring, to Twitter clients, to possible Siri ports.

A lot has changed since Episode 08. iOS 5 was released, iCloud launched, the iPhone 4S launched, and much, much, more.

Was your question answered? There's only one way to find out: head inside and tune in to the latest episode...

Ask Jeff: Episode 08 – Preparing For The Next iPhone

How do you plan on preparing for the next iPhone? Whether it's the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S, a lot of folks have different gameplans when it comes to acquiring the next iPhone.

What will you do with your current iPhone? Will you downgrade the firmware, jailbreak and unlock it, and try to pull in a premium? Or will you do like me, and keep your old iPhone and use it as a testing device?

These, and many, many more questions are answered in this week's episode of Ask Jeff...

Ask Jeff: Episode 07 – A Life Without Jailbreaking Just Isn’t Living

As many of you know, I've been an avid jailbreaker of my iPhone ever since it was announced that jailbreaking was officially legal.

True, I never really thought the whole "illegal" aspect had a leg to stand on in the first place, but I do my best to play within the rules.

Now that jailbreaking has become a part of my life, a viewer inquires about the possibility of it going away as time moves forward. I consider this prospect, and many other questions in Episode 07 of Ask Jeff...

Ask Jeff: Episode 06 – An Apple Fanboy’s Perspective

Another week, and that can only mean one or two things; you just got paid, and/or it's time for another episode of Ask Jeff.

As always, this is the show where you the viewers get to ask the questions, and I do my best to provide some decent answers.

On this week's docket, we tackle Apple fanboys, compare Android devices to the iPhone, queuing in line for the iPhone 5, and chit-chat about some of my favorite jailbreak apps. If you have a question that you're just dying to get answered, step right up...

Ask Jeff: Episode 05 – To Android or Not to Android?

Ladies and gents, we're back with the 5th episode of my favorite question and answer session. You guys have been coming up with some awesome, and sometimes, downright hilarious questions for me to tackle, and it is greatly appreciated.

In this week's episode, I answer questions on Android, Rock App, how to troubleshooting jailbreak app issues, the iPhone 5, and so much more. You're going to need an extra plate to hold all of this home cooking! Check inside for the full episode...

Ask Jeff: Episode 04

Folks, we're back with Episode 04 of Ask Jeff. I wanted to thank everyone for all of the great questions; we had over 200 combined questions for Episode 03.

Unfortunately, that means that I didn't get to answer everyone's question, but I still managed to cover quite a few interesting inquiries this go 'round.

Inside, you'll find out how much money I've spent on Cydia tweaks over the years, whether I'd consider switching to Verizon, and what my first Apple product was.

In other words, tune in and prepare your questions; you won't want to miss this...

Ask Jeff: Episode 03

In this week's episode of Ask Jeff, I tackle a whole host of interesting questions. This episode dwells more on the personal behind-the-scenes side of things, so I hope you folks enjoy.

Questions answered include: My opinions on pirated repos & Installous, the iPhone 5's 4G LTE potential, and the type of cameras I use for filming our videos.

I believe I've hit a record by personally answering 10 different questions from our readers, so tune in to see if your question was among those answered...

Ask Jeff: Episode 02

I have to admit, the first episode of Ask Jeff was a much bigger success than I thought it would be, but apparently you guys have a lot of questions that you want answered!

In this second episode of what I intend to develop into an ongoing weekly series, I tackle all sorts of questions, and I do mean, all sorts.

If you guys are interested in my favorite jailbreak tweaks, or even my favorite cereal, yes, I said cereal, then check inside for episode 02...

Ask Jeff: Episode 01

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the question and answer video feature, Ask Jeff.

Here is where I will do my best to answer at least five questions each episode that you, the readers and viewers, ask.

Most of the questions that I select to talk about on air will be iOS related questions, but feel free to ask my anything about tech in general, and we'll see if I can squeeze in a few auxiliary questions per episode.

So, without further delay, the first episode of Ask Jeff...