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Audi rolling out CarPlay and Android Auto in 2015 vehicles

Audi announced on Thursday that it will be integrating both the CarPlay and Android Auto software platforms into the Multimedia Interface for its premium lineup of vehicles. The new functions will be available for new Audi models starting in 2015, marking a milestone for the car manufacturer in terms of smartphone integration.

Audi was a founding member of the Google Open Automotive Alliance earlier this year, and already offers navigation via Google Maps and streaming music via Google Play Music. CarPlay integration will also bring iOS to its vehicle lineup, following close dialog between the Audi development lab in Silicon Valley and Apple… 

Google I/O 2014 keynote recap: Android in your car, living room, on your wrist and more

Earlier today, Google kicked off its two-day summer conference for developers with a keynote talk. It always pays to keep tabs on competition, my colleague Joe Rosignoll and I have been covering key advancements concerning the Android platform in the form of Android L, Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV announcements.

Making sense of it all, I've put together this recap of the most important developments from the Google I/O 2014 keynote. Give it a read and feel free to chime in with your thoughts and analysis in the comment section...

Google details Android Auto with APIs for audio and messaging apps

More than forty partners have joined Open Automotive Alliance, which Google announced in January as an Android initiative for your car.

The program has received a significant boost with today's official introduction of Android Auto, an in-car software solution which strives to put the right information for the road ahead at your fingertips.

Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car in a way that Google says is purpose-built for driving and focused on navigation, communication and music. Jump past the fold for the nitty-gritty...