Amazing Alex

All of Rovio’s iPad titles on sale for $0.99

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well if you own an iPad, you're in luck. Rovio, the studio behind the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise, has just put all of its iPad titles on sale.

Everything from Angry Birds Star Wars, to Bad Piggies, to the physics puzzler Amazing Alex has been marked down to less than $1. We've got a full list of the discounts after the fold...

Amazing Alex now available in the App Store

It's been a big night for game releases. Hot on the heels of Tiny Wings 2, Rovio's Amazing Alex has just hit the App Store. The game marks Rovio's first title outside of the Angry Birds franchise.

Based on the once-popular iOS game Casey's Contraptions, Amazing Alex features more than 100 levels of physics puzzles. Players can even create their own levels, using 35 interactive objects...

Amazing Alex hitting iOS, Android on Thursday, here’s your launch trailer

Rovio said last week it would launch its brand new puzzler Amazing Alex some time during this month. Today, the Finnish developer posted a new launch trailer and announced a release date: Amazing Alex will be landing on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on Thursday, July 12 (alongside Tiny Wings 2).

And if you're still wondering about Angry Birds, you've hopefully checked out 30 new summer-themed water levels in Angry Birds Season and are keeping your fingers crossed for that Angry Birds pig game, due later this year...

Rovio teases Amazing Alex, a new puzzler launching in July

Angry Birds maker Rovio today formally announced its next big thing, a new puzzler for the iOS platform based on their IP acquisition of Casey's Contraptions, a charming and addictive puzzle game by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Rovio hinted in early-May that it would re-write and re-brand Casey's Contraptions as Amazing Alex. The game will be launching in July on iOS and Android platforms, with Windows following soon after. Here's your trailer...

Rovio says Angry Birds successor will be called Amazing Alex

Angry Birds maker Rovio confirmed in an interview with a Finnish television network that its upcoming project will be called Amazing Alex.

Yesterday, we told you that the Espoo, Finland-based game maker acquired all rights to Casey’s Contraptions.

As you know, Casey's Contraptions is a charming and addictive puzzle game by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut. That game's main character was briefly shown at the end of a video accompanying the one billionth Angry Birds download. So, what's Amazing Alex going to be about? Here's what we know so far...