Abstract Wallpapers

New wallpapers inspired by the ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple event products

Today, Apple announced new iPad Pro, iMac, Apple TV, and AirTag hardware. Most striking is the all new, completely redesigned iMac line up, which has not been significantly updated since around 2009. The decade old design gives way to an 11mm thin chassis, poised on top of a minimal stand. The "hello" wallpaper used to announce the device harkens back to when Steve Jobs launched the Lisa. Download this collection of Apple 'Spring Loaded' hardware inspired wallpapers.

Geometric circles wallpapers for iPhone

It's always surprising how a simple shape can make such a complex design. A simple circle when utilized en mass creates complex and attractive design. Combining this further with properly selected color an we have an incredible new addition for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week.

Abstract iPhone wallpaper “Warp” optimized for OLED

You have discerning taste! You love iPhones and customizing the look. You know that the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week is the best place to find curated backgrounds every single Sunday. Welcome back! This abstract iPhone wallpaper pack is an original creation with deep, rich colors and minimal design language for the perfect Home or Lock Screen.

Abstract gradient wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

I love a great, simple, minimal gradient wallpaper. With the busy icon and widget-flooded Home screens on iOS 14, plain backgrounds are my preferred method of still spicing up and customizing my iPhone. These soft cotton candy flavored "Here Comes the Sun Wallpapers" are a fresh, springtime set of walls. With options from iPhone to 8K, you will find a perfect option for your weekly wallpaper refresh thanks to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery.

Abstract wallpapers with geometric colors and shapes for iPhone

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection provides our community photo quality downloads every Sunday. With a wide range of themes, abstract geometric shapes and colors is one of the most popular in our ever-increasing gallery. The abstract wallpaper in today's post make for great Home or Lock Screen images, as they are colorful yet simple.

Abstract wallpapers for iPhone: the Glitch Series

Abstract wallpaper is one of the most popular categories in the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection. In the following downloads, a myriad of colors swirl into incredible, softened kaleidoscope imagery. Slightly out of focus, the images make for impressive Home and Lock screen wallpapers.

iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers inspired by the new iPad Air

On September 15, 2020, Apple announced updates to the iPad Air, bringing a sharper design language to the middle iPad tier. The new design adds Touch ID to the power button and eschews the Home Button in favor of a full screen experience. With each hardware release Apple uses advertising images to showcase the devices. We have the iPad Air 2020 wallpapers ready for your iPhones.

New 2020 iMac wallpapers for desktop and iPhone

Apple recently updated the iMac 27" with some impressive internals. The update came without an event, leading some to speculate there is a crowded Fall release lineup, despite the global pandemic.

We already know that the new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks, as Apple announced The news in its Q3 earnings call with analyst, but that does not seem to prevent the updates from coming in.

This new iMac was promoted on Apple’s website with an advertising wallpaper and we have it for your devices.

Download the iOS 14 wallpapers for iPhone & iPad

iOS 14 iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog mockup

On stage at WWDC 2020, Apple senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi announced updates to iOS 14. The new software will bring advancements to the handheld device, including Home screen widgets for the very first time. As with all new versions, iOS 14 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad are included in the release. We have the six different versions ready for download today, without needing to install the developer beta to your device.

Multicolor waves iPhone wallpapers

An extremely popular wallpaper category includes geometric shapes and dark backgrounds. In today's Wallpaper of the Week post, the colorful, gradient abstract shapes rest on a dark background, to bring the popular collection back. iOS device screens will pop amongst the contrasting color scheme in this waves iPhone wallpaper pack.

OLED optimized Fold wallpapers for iPhone

The high end iPhone flagship devices come packed with a fantastically bright, and dark, colorful OLED panel. These panels are maximized for extreme color and complete blacks to sit right next to each other.

Because the pixels are individually illuminated, you can have 100% brightness next to a completely off pixel for incredible inky blacks. These "Fold" style wallpapers take advantage of both that color pop and complete true black canvas.

Abstract digital paint wallpapers for iPhone

Abstract digital paint wallpapers iPhone alan140503 idownloadblog mockup

Amid the global lock downs, we are spending even more time on our iPhones. Whether checking the news, social media, or connecting with family and friends, digital time is up as we spend more time inside. Make sure that you are decking your device in photo quality wallpapers to maximize your experience. These digital paint wallpapers fit the bill with crisp resolution and contrasting colors.