Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract wallpapers for iPhone and iPad offer a unique and visually striking way to personalize your device. With bold colors, intricate patterns, and abstract shapes, these wallpapers are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their device.

If you like abstract wallpapers, make sure to also check out our collections of colorful, geometric, gradient, and minimalist backgrounds.

Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers pack for iPhone

On Sunday, we release all new background images for your favorite Apple devices. The Wallpapers of the Week collection is a growing, curated experience that is not afraid to borrow inspiration from other hardware. While not common, every now and then borrowing a few backgrounds from competing handsets is acceptable. Today, we have a small pack from the upcoming Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers.

Download the WWDC 2023 wallpapers right here

wwdc 2023 wallpapers

Apple announced that its Worldwide Developer Conference will be held June 5-9, 2023, and along with the announcement came the usual cryptic yet colorful teaser image. As is the custom, this teaser image was quickly turned into wallpapers that we are reposting here for you to enjoy.

Deeply textured wallpapers for iPhone

Simplistic and minimal wallpapers make for incredible Lock and Home Screen backgrounds. Bringing a touch of texture to these images provides a visually responsive experience to your device.

These textured wallpapers for iPhone come in several materials and colors. Apple almost gave us the ability to touch these images via a decades old patent that never surfaced.

Apple “Take Note” iPad announcement wallpapers for iPhone

Apple surprised us with a non-event for October 2022. Historically, Apple hosts an event in October that usually covers the iPad line up and sometimes new Mac hardware. However, this year, rumors correctly determined no October event would take place. Instead a myriad of press releases came from Apple's Newsroom and a single, fun tweet from Tim Cook encouraged fans to #TakeNote. This wallpaper pack is designed around the "Take Note" iPad announcement.

New 2022 iPad and iPad Pro advertising wallpapers

Along with the new 10th generation iPad and the M2 iPad Pro come incredible new advertising wallpapers. Unfortunately, Apple never releases the incredible background images they use to advertise their hardware on the Apple Store and online commercial sites. We are here to fix that. Although the iPad line up is getting confusing, incredible wallpapers are not. 

Wallpapers that make the Dynamic Island pop on iPhone 14 Pro

The Dynamic Island has been met with both fanfare and skepticism. Fans of the new hardware and software feature praise Apple for yet again blending the functionality of the two paradigms. Meanwhile skeptics liken the design to the MacBook Touch Bar, which Apple has now quietly removed from newer machines.

Regardless of your opinion, it is something Apple seems proud to showcase in their own marketing wallpapers. Download these custom wallpapers that enhance the Dynamic Island... they still look good on a "notch."

Purple iPhone 14 wallpaper pack

With the iPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple and iPhone 14 in Purple, I am really excited about the upcoming lineup. While the iPhone 12 also came in purple, this is the first time a Pro level device is being produced in this colorway. In honor of the new color, download this purple iPhone 14 wallpaper pack.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro advertising wallpapers

iPhone and iPhone 14 Pro devices are announced to launch for pre-order on September 9. As with every Apple gadget launch, the "crack marketing team," as Craig Federighi calls them, creates an amazing wallpaper to showcase the new device on the Apple commercial site and advertisements. The images, however, never make it to the iOS RC, leaving us wanting. Want no more! Download the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers.

Artistic 3D rendered wallpapers for iPhone

Presenting, another set of crispy, photo quality images for your iPhone background. The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week keeps you chock full of perfect options. Every Sunday, you are able to grab a fresh stack of hot, buttered wallpapers for your favorite device.

Today, we’ve got a set of 3D rendered wallpaper downloads for iPhone, that probably taste as good as they look.