New report breaks down what we can expect with the rumored CarKey feature

Apple hasn't made the rumored "CarKey" ("Car Key") feature officially official just yet, but we know it's something the company has been working on for quite some time. And now a new report sheds quite a bit of light on what we should expect in the future.

BMW could be the first carmaker to support Apple’s upcoming CarKey feature

According to code strings discovered in early iOS 14 code, Apple is likely working with German carmaker BMW on CarKey, an upcoming feature in iOS 13.4 that will let you lock, unlock and start compatible vehicles with your iPhone using the short-range NFC wireless standard.

How to use Express Transit to quickly pay for rides via Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

Thanks to the Express Transit feature that's available through Apple Pay, you can hop on the tube, buses, trams, light rail and overground rail in major cities and pay for your public transit journeys just by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the contactless NFC terminal, no need to press any buttons or verify with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode whatsoever.

New Apple Pay features coming soon: NFC tags that trigger purchases when tapped, loyalty cards in the Wallet app & more

Jennifer Bailey, the iPhone maker's Vice President of Apple Pay, announced yesterday during the TRANSACT industry conference in Las Vegas support for specially-encoded NFC tags and partnerships with Bird scooters, Bonobos clothing store and PayByPhone parking meters.