Give your Home Screen more pizzazz with the Shiiny theme

If you’re growing tired of the same flat design aesthetic of Apple’s app icons, and you’d prefer a more three-dimensional approach to your Home Screen’s app icons, then you’d do good to check out a new theme called Shiiny by Ayed Dere.

Shiiny theme examples.

In the screenshots shown above, you can see that Shiiny makes your app icons look more like tangible objects than mere graphics. Every icon gets a hyper-detailed circle-centric glyph stacked atop a color-matched background, and shadows are introduced to give those glyphs more depth.

Paired with the right type of wallpaper, we think Shiiny looks pretty nice. Of course, themes are always subjective and a lot of people are leaving the realism effect behind in today’s day and age as flatness is sort of the ‘in’ thing.

Right out of the box, Shiiny supports a whopping 680 app icons, so there isn’t much that the ordinary iPhone user won’t have covered. Furthermore, the theme supports:

  • Three different app icon effects
  • Six different Docks
  • Two different notification badge styles
  • Two different Settings app UIs
  • A Dark Mode-friendly black version
  • And more…

Heres a look at that Dark Mode-friendly back version too:

Dark mode-friendly Shiiny theme.

While 680 icons is a lot, there’s going to come a time when you discover an unsupported app, but the creator gladly takes app requests so long as you email the bundle ID along with your request. Those requests will then become implemented into the theme over time in the form of updates.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the Shiiny theme, or adding it to your device, then you can purchase it from the Chariz repository for $2.99.

Buyer beware, however, the creator doesn’t have a refund policy. If you buy and later decide you done like the theme, you might find yourself out of luck. So check out the screenshots carefully before purchasing.

Are you planning to take advantage of Shiiny? Let us know in the comments section down below.