Muze 4 theme gives iPhone users an eye-catching app icon makeover based on stunning colors & gradients

Another theme that recently caught our eye when refreshing our package manager app’s sources was Muze 4 by purdixx, and so we wanted to spread the word about it.

Muze 4 theme.

Muze 4 is, obviously, in it’s fourth iteration now, and so you can probably expect that it comes jam-packed with a lot of app icons. And you’d be right!

Right out of the box in its current iteration, Muze 4 provides more than 700 app icons including 300+ redesigned original icons and 400+ new icons or edited icons. Around 550 of those were originally included in the initial release, but several have been added over time including 40 more in the most recent v1.04 update.

In the screenshot examples above, you’ll see how Muze 4 strips away extraneous detail from your ordinary app icons to leave you with stunning, colorful, and gradient-based simplicity.

Muze 4 even includes an icon set for your Settings app, allowing you to have the finishing touch that you never knew you needed:

Muze 4 theme in Settings app.

If you own the original Muze, then Muze 4 is a free upgrade. The creator says that it should already be gifted to your account if you’re an existing owner of the original, and to contact them with proof of purchase if it’s not.

Those who’d like to try Muze 4 for the first time can acquire a copy from the Havoc repository via their favorite package manager app for 1.99. It can be applied with SnowBoard or Anemone, on jailbroken devices and the Shortcuts app non-jailbroken devices.

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Are you going to be taking advantage of Muze 4 to make your iPhone look nicer? Let us know in the comments section down below.