NoisyFlake updates BetterAlarm to fully support iOS 15 & 16, including new Dopamine jailbreak

Excellent news for anyone who absolutely despises the native alarm interface on the iPhone — BetterAlarm, the popular jailbreak tweak by NoisyFlake, has just been updated to support iOS 15 & 16 on the latest Dopamine and palera1n jailbreaks.

BetterAlarm for iOS 15

We originally showed you the BetterAlarm jailbreak tweak back in 2020 when it launched for iOS 13 devices, and it remains one of my most-used add-ons of all time because of how it upgrades the user-friendliness of the iPhone’s alarm interface.

When you have an alarm ringing on go if iPhone, it can be absolutely horrendous when you’re trying to dismiss it and have trouble doing so because of the tiny buttons. People don’t exactly have the greatest hand-eye coordination when they’re just rolling out of bed in the morning, so small buttons and morning grogginess don’t mix.

What BetterAlarm does is dedicates your iPhone’s entire display to the alarm interface, effectively making one half of the screen a button that can dismiss your alarm after it fires. Users can ultimately configure how much of their screen becomes dedicated to Snooze and Stop buttons, helping to ensure that you tap on the correct one.

In addition to better use of screen real estate, BetterAlarms can keep you from just tapping away to dismiss alarms inadvertently by requiring you to solve math problems or to scan a QR code.

BetterAlarm solve math problems

The latest BetterAlarm update comes in the form of version 1.4.1 and supports both the rootful and rootless dynamics on iOS 15 & 16. According to the /r/jailbreak thread, those still running iOS 13 can remain on version 1.3.

BetterAlarm is available as a free update for all existing owners of the tweak, but if you’d like to buy it for the first time, then you can acquire it for $1.99 from the Chariz repository via your favorite package manager app.

Are you excited to see such as wonderful and useful tweak being updated to support the latest jailbreaks? Let us know in the comments section down below.