Dunes gradient wallpapers for iPhone

Transform your iPhone’s looks with these dunes gradient wallpapers featuring a mesmerizing blend of colors that create a serene and captivating backdrop.

Dunes wallpapers for iPhone

Another Sunday, another set of photo quality backgrounds. The iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection is a curated set of images for all your Apple devices. Minimally stylized options make for both Home and Lock screens as they prevent a busy setup. These “dunes” wallpapers are great options in the simplistic category.

The downloads below are collected from a few graphic artists. I first stumbled up “Dunes” by @iBidule, which is the namesake of the article title. The four images span inspiration from the sandy desert to the rolling foam atop an ocean wave. Naturally, how the images move you is individualized, but I enjoyed trying to put them into a similar category.

I loved the way the colors, gradients, and sunrise/sunset sky all played together to create a very compelling scene. From the dunes wallpaper, I then started hunting for similarly inspired images from other artists.

Also featured last week in our download gallery, @jianoliu had a pair of impressively colored and simplistic gradient images that matched the feel of Dunes. While jianoliu’ s images don’t give me desert vibes, they do give me the feeling of ocean waves and stunning sunset clouds.

To round out today’s collection, @fresk0_, AKA Artemis Prime, had an awesome wallpaper titled Ripplor. In the spirit of the theme, Ripplor brings a waves feeling to the imagery. The deep blue and green current makes way through a white wave into a sunset blood orange sky.

Gradient waves by jianoliu Download
Gradient clouds by jianoliu Download

Ripplor by fresk0_ Download
Dunes by iBidule Download

Since you’re here, I assume you love wallpapers for your Apple devices. You too can help curate the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection by catching up with me via @jim_gresham on Twitter, where I interact with fans and save images for future posts. If you have any great wallpapers, links to repos, or want a sneak peak of upcoming posts, then follow along!

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