Adobe Illustrator can now recolor your vectors through generative AI models

Adobe’s new vector recoloring tool allows Illustrator users to test different palettes and color variations without actually changing their artwork or designs.

Using a vector recoloring tool on Adobe Firefly
Vector recoloring in Adobe Firefly | Image: Adobe
  • Adobe’s Illustrator app has gained a new vector recoloring feature powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly create different color schemes.
  • It doesn’t change your illustration nor does it create new imagery.
  • This lets creators bring their visions to life “with just a simple text prompt.”
  • The vector recoloring tool is currently available in beta via Adobe’s Firefly initiative, with a full version set to arrive sometime in the future.

Adobe Illustrator gains an AI vector recoloring tool

According to the announcement on the Adobe blog, the beta is available via Adobe’s Firefly suite of creative generative AI models. You’ll need to sign up for the beta at to test this feature before release.

Dubbed Vector Recoloring, the feature works with vector files saved in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. It quckly produces different color schemes you might like without requiring manual edits. The idea is to allow designers to pick the best look without manually adjusting their vector illustration.

Even though Vector Recoloring uses generative AI, it does not produce new imagery. But that’s beyond the point, as designers can now test different color looks without manually recoloring the image, which can be time-consuming.

You can also use these tools to rapidly recolor artwork based on client or customer feedback, adhere to brand requirements, create social media graphics, develop company logos, generate poster designs and composite in Adobe Photoshop. These tasks will now take only minutes or seconds, drastically saving you time and costs.

Adobe has implemented advanced AI features into its other products.

AI features in other Adobe products

In Premiere Pro, Adobe’s non-linear video editing software, a new feature powered by Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence in the cloud, makes editing videos as easy as copying and pasting transcribed text.

Photoshop and Lightroom both leverage AI and machine learning to bring one-click object selection for people, animals and objects. This can significantly reduce the time spent manually selecting things or masking subjects when editing images.