The new Jumi theme gives iPhones and iPads an incredible new look

Depending on your appetite for iPhone customization, you might turn to themes as a way to make your Home Screen look a little different than all the other Home Screens out there.

Jumi examples.

Jumi is a new theme by designer aviorrok that lends more than 300 custom app icons toward your goal of a more customized Home Screen, and we must say, it looks rather stunning.

In addition to Home Screen app icons, Jumi offers icons for things such as smaller icons in the Settings app, notification badges for apps with missed notifications, and other subtle UI-enhancing features.

The creator notes in the Havoc repository depiction page that users can easily request new app icons via Twitter and that Jumi will receive regular updates to support the addition of new app icons, enhance existing app icons, and more.

Jumi is designed to work with theming engines such as WinterBoard, SnowBoard, Anemone, and iThemer. Moreover, it supports iPhones and iPads running iOS and iPadOS versions 7.0-16.x.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jumi, then you can visit the product’s depiction page in the Havoc repository via your favorite package manager app. Jumi is available at the discounted price of $2.49 for the first 72 hours of availability.

What are your thoughts about the new Jumi theme? Let us know in the comments section down below.