An M3 iMac could drop this fall with no changes to screen size and no new colors

Apple is apparently readying the next iMac with M3 for a launch this fall, but don’t hold your breath for a bigger screen or exciting new colors.

A slide from Apple's April 2021 event showing the colorful iMac models
Apple is readying two new iMacs | Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple will launch an updated iMac family this fall, likely featuring its upcoming M3 chip.
  • Why care? The all-in-one desktop hasn’t been refreshed since 2021.
  • What to do? Read Gurman’s report on Bloomberg.

M3 iMac said to launch this fall

According to the latest installment of Gurman’s Power On newsletter, two new iMacs codenamed J433 and J434 are at an advanced stage of engineering validation testing (EVT). Gurman has mentioned the following features and improvements:

  • The manufacturing process for attaching the iMac’s stand “is different.”
  • Some of the internal components have been relocated and redesigned.
  • The models in testing come in the same colors as the current iMac.
  • The screen size will remain intact at 24 inches diagonally.
  • New Apple silicon to replace the M1 chip

So, when will the updated iMac launch?

Marketing image showcasing the M1 iMac colors
The new iMac will come in the same colors as the current one | Image: Apple

Well, Apple is currently conducting production tests for the upcoming machine. Gurman claims that mass production of the next iMac is expected to kick off about three months ahead of its planned launch, sometime in the year’s second half.

September is reserved for new iPhones, but Apple also holds a Mac-centric event in October. In other words, it’s safe to assume the refreshed iMacs will drop this fall.

What about an M2 iMac?

Closeup of a blue M1 iMac sitting on a desk, with female hands typing on a wireless keyboard and using a mouse
The production process for attaching the stand has changed | Image: N.Tho.Duc/Unsplash

It doesn’t look like Apple will bother releasing an M2-powered iMac, and for a good reason. Gurman claims that the M2 is meant to be a stopgap chip ahead of the upcoming M3. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for Apple to release an M2 iMac only to become obsolete when an M3 chip comes out a few months later.

Speaking of which, the upcoming M3 chip is expected to move from TSMC’s 5-nanometer process to its new 3-nanometer design, bringing much more substantial performance and power consumption improvements than the jump from M1 to M2.

The current iMac sports a 4.5K resolution 24-inch display, two Thunderbolt 3 and two USB-C ports. The machine is available in seven colors (silver, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and pink), with the baseline model priced at $1299.

Other new Mac coming in 2023

In addition to the upcoming iMac refresh, Gurman expects other Mac hardware updates throughout 2023. All told, there should be three new Mac launches between late spring and summer, Gurman writes in the newsletter.

Aside from the next iMac, Apple should also release its first 15-inch MacBook Air (J515), an updated 13-inch MacBook Air (J513) and an Apple silicon Mac Pro.

Will there be an Apple silicon iMac Pro?

The iMac was among the first Macs to jump on the Apple silicon bandwagon. Apple announced the updated iMac lineup in April 2021 after discontinuing the Intel-based iMac Pro and the 27-inch model to focus on the redesigned 24-incher.

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t believe Apple is actively developing a larger-screened iMac. On the other hand, Gurman speculated that Apple could revive the discontinued iMac Pro around an M3 chip and a more prominent display.