Deeply textured wallpapers for iPhone

Simplistic and minimal wallpapers make for incredible Lock and Home Screen backgrounds. Bringing a touch of texture to these images provides a visually responsive experience to your device.

These textured wallpapers for iPhone come in several materials and colors. Apple almost gave us the ability to touch these images via a decades old patent that never surfaced.

Textured wallpapers

The sometimes gritty, always tactile, textured wallpapers bring a visually appealing playfulness to iPhone. In direct contrast to the perfectly smooth glass screen, these images beg your brain to feel them.

I actually remember back more than a decade, there was a rumor that Apple would bring texture “feeling” to its devices. In fact, they filed a patent in 2012 that describes this intention. That would be an incredible technology. Per Patently Apple:

a glass surface may be controlled to have the temperature of a relatively cooler metal material and/or a relatively warmer wood material. In some cases, the temperature control may be performed utilizing data from one or more temperature sensors that detect a temperature of the touch surface. In such cases, the temperature control device may be adjusted based on the data to adjust the temperature of the touch surface

While you cannot feel these wallpapers, just think how crazy it would be if Apple pushed that patent into production. If it were the case, my favorite one is the grey concrete wallpaper below. First, I actually enjoy the textured appearance and minimal color palette. But, if you could fee the texture and the stepped edges, it would be an incredible experience.

iPhone texture wallpaper in perforated leather Download
Textured abstracts iPhone wallpaper Download

Textured glass iPhone wallpaper Download
Concrete textured wallpaper for iPhone Download

Cut wood textured wallpaper for iPhone Download

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