Gear up your Nintendo Switch kit with these money-saving deals

It’s that time of the week again, and as you know, your friends at iDB have scoured the internet for some great deals on Nintendo Switch equipment that will help give you the edge in your gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in to what you could be saving on your next Nintendo Switch accessory purchases…

Orzly accessory bundle kit

Orzly accessory bundle kit for Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $70, get it now for just $42.49.

Looking for a really good deal on a big Nintendo Switch accessory bundle for your kids, or even for yourself? If yes, then look no further than this one by Orzly.

This kit includes a case for your Nintendo Switch, a case for all your loose game cartridges, screen protectors, ergonomic grips for your Joy-Con controllers, steering wheels for your Mario Kart gaming, a charging stand for your Joy-Con controllers, and more.

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Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports game artwork.

Regularly $50, get it now for just $43.93.

Who doesn’t love the allure of a great family-oriented multi-player game that even the grandparents can play?

The physical copy of Nintendo Switch Sports is currently on sale on Amazon, and lets you play various games such as bowling, tennis, volleyball, and golf with small movements that won’t strain you like real sports will.

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Uxilep sports accessory package

Uxilep Switch Sports Accessories.

Regularly $50, get it now for just $37.99, plus a 5% coupon discount.

And if you’re going to be playing Nintendo Switch Sports with the family, make sure you gear up with the proper attachments to make playing those games even more fun.

The Uxilep sports accessory package includes tennis rackets, golf clubs, leg straps, and more to make your sports play feel more realistic than it would without them.

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KDD Switch controller dock station

KDD Switch accessory charging dock.

Regularly $23, get it now for just $14.99, plus a 10% coupon discount.

You can keep all your Nintendo Switch gear in one conveniently place in front of your TV with the KDD Switch controller dock station, which provides instant charging for all your Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch console itself.

You will also find small slots on the sides where you can store individual game cartridges so they aren’t all just lying around where they might get lost.

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SanDisk Nintendo Switch microSD card

128GB microSD card licensed for the Nintendo Switch.

Regularly $35, get it now for just $17.41. (128GB)

No one can ever have enough storage, and if you’re playing lots of games, then storage space can become an issue very quickly.

These Nintendo Switch microSD cards by SanDisk are officially licensed for Nintendo’s console and therefore operate at the ideal speed and efficiency to handle gaming on the Nintendo Switch. They even feature fun Nintendo-themed graphics to make them that much more visually appealing.

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