StatusMagic permits Status Bar customizations without a jailbreak via TrollStore or MacDirtyCow

Jailbreaks are hard to come by these days, which is why so many people currently use TrollStore on iOS 14.0-15.4.1 (and some 15.5 and 15.6 betas) or the MacDirtyCow bug (on iOS 15.0-16.1.2) to enjoy a subset of must-have system mods.

Customize Status Bar without a jailbreak with StatusMagic.

One area of the iOS mobile operating system where people love to apply personal customizations is the Status Bar, and even if you aren’t jailbroken, you can use TrollStore or MacDirtyCow to utlize the new StatusMagic app by iOS developer Avangelista.

As noted on the project’s GitHub page, StatusMagic permits the end user to:

  • Change the carrier text
  • Change the clock text
  • Change the Breadcrumb link text
  • Leave the aforementioned texts blank
  • Hide icons you don’t like from the Status Bar, such as:
    • Time
    • Do Not Disturb icon
    • Airplane Mode icon
    • Cellular bars
    • Wi-Fi bars
    • Battery icon
    • Bluetooth icon
    • Alarm icon
    • Location icon
    • Rotation Lock icon
    • And several others…

While a lot of MacDirtyCow bugs reset after a reboot, that isn’t the case with StatusMagic. According to the developer, changes are totally persistent even after you reboot your device, which is actually quite nice as it gives the feel of an untethered mod. Not too shabby if you’re without a jailbreak!

StatusMagic comes in the form of an .ipa (app) file that you can sideload using your favorite method. If you’re on iOS 14, then it’s recommended that you use TrollStore because the app would remain perma-signed. If you’re using iOS 15.0-15.4.1 (or some 15.5 or 15.6 betas), then it’s recommended that you use TrollStore, but AltStore and Sideloady are also options if you don’t want the app to be perma-signed. If you’re using iOS 15.5-16.1.2, then you have no choice but to use AltStore or Sideloady and let the MacDirtyCow bug handle the rest.

With no jailbreak required, the StatusMagic app is actually rather potent and offers functionalities that I’ve only ever seen in jailbreak tweaks in the past. With that in mind, if customizing this facet of iOS is of interest to you, then I would recommend giving the app a try.

You can learn more about StatusMagic on the project’s GitHub page.

Are you planning to customize your iPhone’s Status Bar with the new Status Magic app? Let us know in the comments section down below.