Sci-fi mountain scenes iPhone wallpapers from the 80’s

If it’s Sunday, then it’s time for new wallpapers. The iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection provides new downloads every seven days for your favorite Apple devices. These colorful mountain scenes utilize visual effects that immediately draw my mind toward 1980’s sci-fi.

Sci-fi mountain scenes

Today’s downloads are original creations by digital artist @Arthur1992aS. If you like the following images, find more “Arthwork” by checking out his twitter feed or a mini gallery on the @Vellumtweets app. Arthur1992aS has been featured several times in our own gallery, and we continue to be impressed with his work.

I’m not really sure to which genre the following four wallpapers belong. When tagging this post I’ve listed things like, gradient, fantasy, and landscape as keywords. Overall, I’m getting a 1980’s sci-fi vibe from these incredible wallpapers. Something about the somewhat retro, almost neon color scheme calls back on a Tron-like memory or the Star Court mall from Stranger Things.

Mountain wallpapers are always a great download. So too are gradient backgrounds. Combine these two with the right color palette and some streaking skies, and you’ve got yourself a 1980’s sci-fi inspired wallpaper collection.

My favorite is the spearmint green wallpaper. I like the uniformity of the almost monochrome sun and sky, contrasting against the much darker mountain range in the foreground. Additionally, the color seems less jarring as an every day background color, almost like a cooler blue experience.

Dark pink skies and mountains iPhone wallpaper Download
Blue retro mountain vector iPhone wallpaper Download

Sunset mountain vector wallpaper for iPhone Download

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Gradient sunset mountain ranges by Arthur1992aS