HDR flower wallpapers for iPhone

As we begin a new year, I cannot help but think about spring and renewal. While we are in the colder, winter months, with January come new beginnings and fresh ways to start. Capturing the spirit of this renewal, these budding HDR flower wallpapers for iPhone make great thematic backgrounds.

Flower wallpapers for iPhone

Created by @ongliong11, who is a returning artist to our gallery, these high dynamic range flower wallpapers take incredible advantage of the iPhones color gamut and contrast ratios. Of the below collection, my favorite is saved for last. The contrasting colors, gradients, and dark background clash in this wallpaper to provide a wide range of visual experiences.

While flowers are not usually a genre I would include on my own device, I couldn’t help but admire the work here in this particular set of iPhone wallpapers. If the collection was more about flower photography, I wouldn’t be as into it. But, the almost fantasy appearance of these over-saturated colors are visually stimulating, regardless of the subject matter. It just so happens that the color schemes and contrasts look even better when combine with the natural beauty of a peony.

On an iPhone’s OLED screen, they look even better, given the device’s ability to provide full brightness levels on the color, but give a true black experience in certain areas.

Purple neon flower wallpaper for iPhone Download
Pink high contrast iPhone wallpaper Download

Pink star dust wallpaper Download
HDR flowers iPhone wallpaper Download

HDR moon flower iPhone wallpaper Download

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