Unsigncuts lets jailbroken iOS 15 users import any .shortcut file, signed or not

Several months ago, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called Importcuts by iOS developer 0xilis that could be used to defeat Apple’s signed Shortcuts requirement for importing certain .shortcut files on iOS & iPadOS 13 and later. But that wouldn’t be the last time we’d see something Shortcuts-related from this developer.

Unsigncuts tweak to import any shortcuts file you want on iOS 15.

This week, 0xilis is out with another free jailbreak tweak dubbed Unsigncuts, which defeats the signed Shortcuts requirement for importing .shortcut files on iOS & iPadOS 15.

Upon installing Unsigncuts, you can import any .shortcut file you want into the Shortcuts app on your iOS or iPadOS 15 device, just like you would have been able to in iOS 12 and earlier. This means you can easily import old or legacy Shortcuts onto your jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 15 device.

With no options to configure, Unsigncuts is easy to use. You would simply find an unsigned Shortcut you wish to import on your iOS or iPadOS 15 device and then go ahead and do it, restriction-free.

While the developer touts Apple’s signed Shortcuts feature as an innovation-killer, we simply think that you should have the right to install any shortcut you want on your device without a signing process standing in the way of that. So with that in mind, Unsigncuts seems like a useful release.

Since the palera1n jailbreak is the only iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak available at the time of this writing, it’s worth noting that Unsigncuts is only compatible with this particular jailbreak. It’s also important to note that palera1n isn’t a rootless jailbreak and that Unsigncuts won’t work out of the box with a rootless iOS or iPadOS 15 jailbreak if one comes out.

For those interested, Unsigncuts is available as a free download from the Havoc repository via your favorite package manager app. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 15.x devices pwned with palera1n and is open source on the developer’s GitHub page.

Do you plan to take advantage of Unsigncuts? Let us know in the comments section down below.