Create AI-generated images from your iPhone with Draw Things

Draw Things for iPhone lets you run the popular Stable Diffusion AI image generator on a pocket-size device you always have with you.

Example AI image generation with Draw Things for iPhone
Draw Things is Stable Diffusion in your pocket | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

Draw Things: AI image generation in your pocket

Instead of investing in a ninja PC equipped with beefy GPUs, Draw Things by San Francisco-based developer Liu Liu shrinks down Stable Diffusion to fit in your pocket. With this app, you can easily create images out of thin air on your iPhone.

Depending on your hardware, the app can generate an AI image in a few minutes. On my iPhone 14 Pro Max, Draw Things quickly produced an image in about a minute. Your mileage will obviously vary depending on your iPhone model.

On older iPhones, generating an image will take a few minutes and the phone may feel warm to the touch. Draw Things is relatively straightforward to use.

How to create AI images out of thin air

Creating AI images with Stable Diffusion in Draw Things for iPhone
AI creates images based on descriptors | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

First, you need to pick a model to use for image generation. There are several machine learning models available, each weighing about a gigabyte.

Each model is optimized for a specific look. Modern Disney Diffusion, for example, will generate Disney-looking characters. If you’re more of an anime guy, there’s a model for that too—Waifu Diffusion. Other models include Cyberpunk Anime, a 3D model one powered by Redshift and more.

Once a model is downloaded to your device, touch the field at the top and enter custom descriptions to guide image generation. Be specific and use as many keywords and phrases as needed to describe image contents, such as “a young boy sitting at a computer,” “a samurai walking towards a mountain” and more.

Next, choose between several image resolutions: 512×320, 384×384, 320×512, 448×448, 768×512, 512×512 and 512×768. Draw Things has been trained using 512×512 images so you’ll achieve the best results with that option.

Inpainting and downloadable models

Using Draw Things for iPhone to create an AI-based image of a samurai walking towards a mountain
Each model is optimized for a specific look | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

To influence the general look of AI images, play with the different Sampler options, like Eurel Ancestral which will create dreamy images or DPM++ 2M Karras which calculates high-quality pictures in no more than 30 steps.

When ready, hit the Generate button and wait until the AI calculates images based on the input parameters. You can then save the AI-generated image to the Photos library or share it with apps and people. Download: AI texture wallpapers for iPhone

Draw Things also supports inpainting, which lets you reconstruct missing parts of an image and recreate complex art. You can quickly produce something unique with minimal effort by providing an image from your liberty. With the magic wand, you can apply the eraser or paintbrush tool to the selected foreground or background.

Download Draw Things for free

Draw Things does not collect any data nor does it offload calculations to an online server. All calculations are performed privately on your device. Best of all, the app is free to download and use as there are no paid upgrades.

Draw Things: AI Generation for iOS is available for free [App Store link].