Apple developing its own version of the metaverse for the rumored headset

Aside from 3D worlds, Apple headset content will also include a video service, entertainment and productivity apps, augmented reality games and more.

A head-worn mixed reality Apple headset device is imagined in this concept
Will Apple’s metaverse be better than Meta’s? | Image: Andrea Copellino / Behance
  • What’s happening? Want to develop content for an Apple headset? Apple is now hiring engineers to build its own version of the metaverse
  • Why care? Because content will make or break this product. Without content, there isn’t much to do in the virtual world.
  • What to do? Apply at the Apple Jobs website if you have the skills for the job.

Apple headset content may a metaverse

We hate the “metaverse” word as much as you do. If Apple provides its own version of the metaverse for a rumored mixed-reality headset, you can bet that Apple’s executives won’t utter this nonsensical phrase to market the thing. But one thing is certain. As the rumored early-2023 Apple headset unveiling inches closer, Apple is hiring engineers to help it build content for the product.

According to one of the advertised jobs spotted by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, early adopters will be able to explore a three-dimensional mixed-reality world.

You will work closely with Apple’s UI framework, human interface designers and system capabilities teams—pushing you to think outside-the-box, and solve incredibly challenging and interesting problems in the 3D application space.

Another job listing is for a video service.

The listings also imply that Apple is looking to build a video service for the headset featuring 3D content that can be played in virtual reality. This would follow the company’s 2020 acquisition of NextVR, which partnered with artists and professional sports leagues to transmit VR content to headsets.

There will be games as well.

The company is searching for a software producer with experience in visual effects and game asset pipelines who can create digital content for augmented and virtual-reality environments.

Apple’s headset is rumored to enable users to immerse themselves in either virtual or augmented reality.

AR versions of Messages, FaceTime and Maps

All that content will be in addition to mixed-reality versions of core Apple apps such as Messages, FaceTime and Maps. Gurman notes that work on the first version of Reality OS codenamed Oak is wrapping up internally. The software should be ready for an Apple headset introduction next year.

Recent hires point to other applications of the headset like productivity and health. Read: How to add, rearrange, duplicate and delete pages in Pages on Mac

An Apple headset should be powered by an M2 chi and feature more than 10 internal end external cameras for gaze tracking, motion gestures and other features. It’s said to run a custom new operating system, dubbed RealityOS. The product is allegedly very thin and light. An Apple headet is expected to be equipped with the highest-resolution micro-OLED displays on the market.

All that advanced hardware may come at a steep cost. An Apple headset will be a pricey accessory, costing between $2000 and $3000. Apple may position it as a high-end device for development purposes and early adopters until a more affordable version eventually joins it.